How two factor authentication can protect you

The way we identify ourselves on the internet is with a username and password. Usually the username is either our email, our name, or some other identifier we use repeatedly.

Many times your username is used to identify comments that you make on the site. To steal your account all an attacker needs to do is guess your password, since in most cases your username is readily available.

Slip and Fall Injuries that Happen at the Gym

When people go to the gym, it’s usually to lose weight, work off stress or a multitude of other reasons that often lead to a healthy lifestyle.

With heavy weights, large machines and energetic classes, people get in shape or maintain their health with all that gyms offer. Unfortunately, with any activity, there are potential risks involved.

When signing up for a gym membership, there will be a liability waiver to protect the gym from any liability claim that may occur from an accident.

Wilson: ‘Our focus is on quality’

Chuck Wilson, president and owner of Wilson Technology Group Inc., and an expert in the telecommunications industry, says ‘quality is key.’

Photography by Sue Quigley

Far out on US98 and nestled in the sleepy countryside beyond Brooksville might not seem an obvious place to base an IT company leading the way in full turnkey IT solutions.

But that’s where Chuck Wilson and his wife and business partner Terry Weaver decided was an absolutely great place to locate their business: Wilson Technology Group and the business of telecommunications and technology industry design and implementation.

“It was in 2000 and we decided we didn’t want to be city people any more — that’s when we discovered Brooksville,” Wilson said.

Is driver assist technology making you safer?

Recently there was a fatal crash of a driver using the Tesla Model S’s autopilot feature. This brought discussions of driver assist technologies to the forefront. There are a number of companies working on developing self driving cars including Tesla, Google, Apple, and BMW.

Tesla’s autopilot uses Autosteer to keep the car in the current lane and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to maintain the car’s speed. On a highway, the car will virtually drive itself. Tesla’s autopilot requires that the driver’s hands stay on the wheel while driving to enforce driver engagement.

Industry preferred credit scoring

A question that I get asked all the time is, “Why Is Your Credit Score Different From The One I Received From Credit Karma?”

The answer has to do with the type of scoring models that are preferred within our industry.

When it comes to their credit score, most consumers immediately think of the FICO rating, the most popular rating model that the Fair Isaac Corporation has been issuing since 1989.

But what you may not realize is that there are many different versions of this score, with the most recent one being FICO 8.

Wig boutique owner makes buying stress-free

Becky Anderson can smooth the way for men and women coping with hair loss.

Photography by Sue Quigley

For many cancer patients – male or female – hair loss is their biggest fear and, for some, it can be the most upsetting experience of the whole cancer treatment journey.

Becky Anderson understands this. Anderson has spent more than 40 years as a cosmetologist, the last 25 of which she has specialized in helping people cope with hair loss.

Have a Good Day Thai has new chef

Have a Good Day Thai has been open for a several months, providing authentic Thai food to Spring Hill and even travelers commuting to and from Tampa.

In hiring a chef, Mr. and Mrs. Nontavatit, owners of the fast casual restaurant felt that they needed to bring in a chef directly from Thailand, to prepare truly authentic Thai cuisine.

The process to get Chef Patinya Areerom to the U.S. was lengthy, but Mr. Areerom brings with him a solid background in Thai culinary arts.

Pros and Cons of AdBlocker

There is extensions to web browsers like IE, Firefox, and Chrome that remove the ads from the web page when it is shown. These Ad blockers were developed to solve a real issue. Many sites had intrusive ads and even worse some scammers were using ads to deliver ransomware and other malware. The ad serving companies seemed unable to stop the scammers from using their ads.

The ad blocking software protected its users from being bothered by intrusive ads and possibly receiving malware. Adblock is the most popular of these extensions and claims 40 million users.

Alligator Attack: A Case of Premises Liability?

Orlando, Florida has been a recent sight of tragedy that has been blasted by the mass media all around the globe. Although the horrific Orlando night club shooting seems to have just occurred, another tragedy has yet again cursed the Orlando area. June 14th, 2016 was an evening of unexpected terror for the Graves family.

On their trip staying at Disney's luxe Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, the family had been relaxing by the beaches when Lane Graves, a two year old son, decided to start playing in the shore of the seven seas lagoon [1].