Brooke Fasano, to represent Springstead at Congress of Future Medical Leaders

SPRINGHILL- Brooke Fasano is a 10th grade student at Springstead High School. She has been nominated by Dr. Robert Darling, the Medical Director of the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists to represent Springstead High School at The Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston, MA taking place June 25-27.

Contract for Nutrition and Diatetics Training Approved by School Board

At the June 7, 2016 regular School Board meeting, Item #1776, an agreement between Hernando County Schools and Samford University, was pulled from the consent agenda for discussion. In November 2015, Samford University’s College of Health and Sciences approached Hernando County Schools with a request to work toward training students to be certified in Nutrition and Dietetics. The initial year’s program was to begin on 01/4/16, and could be renewed for two more years without another contract. The contract was not signed by the college until 04/21/16.

Student portfolio could be an option for good cause promotion

School Board member Beth Narverud addressed concerns that are voiced by parents at nearly every Board meeting about the State-mandated testing at last week's regular school board meeting. While the district has reduced some of the testing requirements, Narverud stated that the district does not have the authority to refuse to comply with the State testing requirements.

Weeki Wachee High grad, now Florida Poly student to serve as student ambassador

LAKELAND, Fla- Ethan Puerto, Weeki Wachee High graduate, currently attends Florida Polytechnic University. He was among 20 outstanding Florida Polytechnic students selected to serve as a Presidential Ambassador for the 2016-17 academic school year. Presidential Ambassadors serve as formal hosts at official events, champion the institution’s values and are official representatives of the University and President Dr. Randy K. Avent. The program launched at Florida Poly in 2015 and is entering its second year with eight returning Ambassadors and 12 new participants.

Othello: When a classic becomes offensive

Last week, the Hernando County School Board (HCSB) addressed a parent complaint over the movie “Othello,” a film adaptation of a play by William Shakespeare. The lead character in this play is a Moor, a common name given to people from northwestern Africa at that time, and in the play this character is a highly respected general. Because a soldier (Iago) is jealous that another soldier was promoted over him, Iago tricks the general, Othello, into believing his wife is unfaithful. The consequences are not what Iago intends.

Explorer K-8 Cheerleaders Win Big

Explorer K-8 Cheerleading Coaches Piecoral and LaPlatney shared with the school board the recent accomplishments of the 27 cheerleaders on their team during citizen comments on May 17th. The K8 students earned second place at Disney’s Contest of Champions. Their next major competition was Cheer Champions Express, winning a first-place spot and an invitation to compete at a national event.

Hernando County Education Foundation Awards Scholarships

On May 17th, Tammy Brinker, Executive Director of HCEF, provided a report of some of the programs the Foundation has supported during the 2015-2016 school year. More than 50 grants from $100 - $10,000 have been awarded to various classroom projects and programs in addition to more than 100 additional grants for classroom supplies. Brinker stated 150 classrooms were “adopted”, with donations of $25 - $750 being distributed to classrooms. Among other projects listed was the recently opened Tools for Schools Store, where teachers can “shop” for supplies for their classroom at no cost.

Half Cent Sales Tax Accountability Committee created to ensure proper spending

Revenues from the half cent sales tax can only be spent on capital projects. To ensure that the revenues are collected and distributed appropriately the school district created the Half-Cent Sales Tax Accountability Committee. The committee is made up of seven members of the public and two school district employees. The money is collected by the state and made available to the school board. As of the 05/17/16 school board meeting, the money collected totals $712,000. There is an additional amount of approximately $276,000 owed by other counties.