Time Crunch for the Half Cent Sales Tax Special Election


At the May 5th School Board Workshop, school board members debated what type of election to run for the half cent sales tax referendum. Supervisor of Elections Shirley Anderson stated that she could do a special election in early September 2015 but it is not feasible for her to do a special election any later since she has to prepare new voting machines for the 2016 primary elections and it takes at least 6 months to train poll workers after they acquire the machines.

41st Annual Student Recognition Banquet

Brilliance lives among us! The Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce honored 49 graduating students at their 41st Student Recognition Banquet on Thursday evening, April 23rd. In partnership with the local Kiwanis Clubs and through the support of our great community the event brought much honor to very deserving students. This year 18 scholarships totaling $11,000 were presented during the banquet that was held at Spring Hill’s Palace Grand.

Redistricting Postponed

Hernando Sun Staff

Overcrowding is currently being felt by several schools in the Hernando County School District. In the recent past, several new schools were built which had to be filled with students. When they first opened the schools, the district boundaries covered a large area. Now, some of these new schools are feeling the effects of a large district boundary. Shrinking these boundaries to a reasonable size will ease overcrowding.

School Board Considers $300K to get Half Cent Sales Tax on the Ballot- Again


by Hernando Sun Staff

Hernando County School Board will be moving forward in their efforts to put a half cent sales tax on the ballot either jointly with another referendum or through a special election. Back in November 2014 the School Board joined with the Board of County Commissioners in the Penny for Projects Sales Tax Referendum which voters rejected.

State of Florida Does Not Mandate Tablets in Schools


by Hernando Sun Staff

In recent months we have heard a lot about a 2015 state technology mandate of tablets for each student. There is no such mandate from the state. This is a big deal, because the tablet for each student was budgeted to cost $62,395,000 over the next ten years.

One to One Initiative v. Hernando's Digital Classroom Plan


by Hernando Sun Staff

During the October 16, 2014 Town Hall School Board meeting, Walter Paschke, network coordinator for the Technology Information Services department described the technology needs for Hernando County’s schools. They are using aging laptops which are starting to cost as much to maintain as to replace. Their machines are currently 6-7 years old running Windows XP which is no longer supported. The minimum requirements for testing do not support Windows XP.

School Impact Fees Still Suspended


Julie Maglio

In addition to road impact fees, the Board of County Commissioners are considering the reinstatement of school impact fees. They did not pass a motion to reinstate them at their January 13 meeting but scheduled a meeting in March to look at re-instituting both road and school impact fees with two workshops to be held before hand. Commissioner Dukes is working with staff to create a loan option for both road and school impact fees for new home buyers so that the cost of impact fees do not affect appraisals.