Letter to the Editor in Regards to Moton Elementary


I just finished reading your story "Teachers at Moton express concern" and truly find the comments made by both Gus Guadagnino and Lori Romano to be incredulous.

For the Superintendent to say she had felt blindsided about the truth is perplexing. Dr. Romano started many of the issues at Moton by denying requests from 2 former Principals asking for additional resources. One Principal, Mark Griffith, was removed in March 2016 as part of an investigation that surely appears to have been a witch hunt.

School board student rep update: October 4, 2016

Superintendent Lori Romano introduced Allison Selg, a senior at Nature Coast Technical High School. Following campaigning and speeches given by student delegates, Selg was elected by her peers to be the Student Representative to the School Board. Selg was presented with her name plate to be placed at her spot on the dais.

Romano stated she has enjoyed getting to know Selg. “She has great aspirations and lots of different things that she wants to do to support having the student voice really be represented throughout the district, to try to help move the district forward.”

More HCSD employees eligible for overtime with Florida Labor Standards Act changes

Hernando Sun Staff

Lisa Becker, Director of Human Resources for the school district explained that the Fair Labor Standards Act was created by the Department of Labor in order to determine what classes of employees could be exempt from overtime.

The exemption for overtime is referred to as a white collar exemption and applies to salaried positions that make a certain amount of money and perform executive, administrative, or professional duties.

The current test requires that an employee make a minimum of $455 per week to be exempt from overtime payment.

School district aims to add VPK to legislative platform

“Our VPK programs are the key to our future success of our kids,” said school board member Susan Duval during the 10/04/16 informal meeting of the school board. She is interested in seeing a comparison among children who have attended VPK and those who have not, including those who were on a waiting list but were not able to attend VPK.

Tentative approval for citizens input at end of school board meeting

Hernando Sun Staff

At the School Board Workshop on September 13th, school board members again broached the subject of citizens input during regular school board meetings. Karen Jordan, Public Information Officer for the school district came to the workshop with changes to the citizen input form that had been discussed previously. The school board members hashed out some additional changes and clarified their positions on the issue.

Foundation gives $25K to school based dental sealant program

Hernando Sun Staff

The Renaissance Family Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Renaissance Dental Insurance company recently donated $25,000 to Hernando County's Florida Department of Health school based dental sealant program.

Sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Once applied, they can dramatically reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Nature Coast Technical High School Senior Elected Student Representative of the Hernando County School Board

Photography by Karsen Nielsen

Allison Selg, Nature Coast Technical High School Senior, is the new School Board Student Representative

Friday, September 23, 2016 - SPRING HILL– Nature Coast Technical High School Senior Allison Selg was elected to serve as the student representative on the Hernando County School Board for the 2016-17 school year. Selg will be a resource to board members voicing student concerns and perspectives.