Florida Friendly Plant of the Week: Dancing Ladies


October 28, 2016- A delightful plant in bloom right now is the Dancing Lady orchid or Oncidium spp. Oncidium species are usually epiphytes, meaning they grow harmlessly on other plants, while some grow on rocks.

There are about 600 different species of Oncidiums. They are extremely diverse, as species grow from sea level to 13,300 feet, throughout South and Central America, the Caribbean and Florida.

Florida Friendly Plant of the Week: Florida Coontie plant

Hernando Sun Staff

The Florida coontie plant, Zamia floridana

The coontie plant is a Florida native cycad. (Cycads are known as living fossils since they can be traced back 280 million years.) The coontie attracts a rare butterfly called the atala. Plants are either male or female and produce a certain type of cone based on the sex of the plant. Male cones are thinner and shorter than female cones. Female cones are around 6 inches tall and are covered in fuzz.

West Hernando Middle School Grounds and Waterfall Renovated

Volunteers recently completed the renovation of West Hernando Middle School fountain

The act of giving without the expectation of something in return is the true definition of kindness,” quoted West Hernando Middle School Principal Lori Lessley. During a recent visit to the school, Board Member Mark Johnson and Lessley discussed the student-built fountain which has not been running for years. The school has not had funds to repair the fountain.