Chicks for Spring

by Hernando Sun Staff

If you are thinking about getting poultry now that the weather is warming up, check out the supply at Rural King. Asssistant Store Manager Chad Birkman is working hard to expand their poultry supply. Currently they have the following varieties available:
Rhode Island Red
Barred Rock
*Golden Sex Links
*Silver/Gold Wyandottes
Well Summer
*Black Jersey Giants
*White/Dark Leghorns
*Black Sex Links
*Cornish Rock
*Sicilian Buttercups
*Egyptian Fayoumi

Freeze Warning, Protect your Plants Today!

by Hernando Sun Staff

Temperatures may dip into the high 20's Thursday night so be sure to protect susceptible plants. We may see a low of 31 degrees F Wednesday night so the sooner you get your plants covered the better! Gardening cloth or old sheets can be used for coverings. If you have fruit trees with thin trunks, covering the trunks with foam tubes will insulate them. Also, be sure to run your sprinklers through freezing temperatures for plants you cannot cover.

Growing Sweet Potatoes

Submitted by admin on Sat, 02/14/2015 - 2:36pm

Planting & Growing from Slips

Sweet potato grown from slips generally need at least 4 months of frost-free growing. I grow and sell Georgia Jets which is an early variety need about 90-120 days from transplanted slips until the full size tubers can be harvested. Most gardeners start with slips purchased from a local garden center or reputable mail order source. I will have slips available starting in April. Sweet potatoes grow vigorously in warm areas and quickly shade out weeds as the season progresses.

Get Rid of Oxalis Bulbs Before you Plant


by Hernando Sun Staff

If your garden is overrun with oxalis, you need to remove all roots and bulbs in order to eradicate it. It is a tedious task but well worth it. Be sure to dispose of the bulbs in the garbage not your compost!

If you have a large infestation and are ahead of the growing season, you can try placing cardboard or plastic over the ground for a few months to kill the weeds.