Road Impact Fee Workshop and Deferred Payment Option

by Julie Maglio

The County Commission held an Impact Fee Workshop. The staff presented their findings on the deferred payment of impact fees and Commissioners weighed their options.

Beforehand the County Administrator, Clerk of Circuit Court, Finance Director, Assistant County Administrators for Public Works, Planning and Budgets, Assistant County Attorney, and the Planning Department's Senior Planner met to discuss the possibility of providing an option of a deferred Payment Plan of Impact Fees.

Third Auxiliary Police Academy


by Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Al Nienhuis is looking for candidates who are interested in attending the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office 3rd Auxiliary Police Academy. This program is a modified law enforcement academy, certified by the Florida Department o fLaw Enforcement, consisting of approximately 319 hours of hands on training.

The course material covers topics such as Introduction to Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, First Aid, and Interview and Interrogation. The course also covers high liability areas, such as Defensive Tactics, Firearms Training, and Defensive Driving.

FWC moving forward with comprehensive approach to reducing conflicts with bears

by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation

In response to rapidly increasing conflicts and several incidents where bears seriously injured people, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is building on its long-standing, proactive approach to bear management. At its Feb. 4 meeting in Jacksonville, the FWC approved a plan to move forward with a variety of tools to manage bears and help reduce human-bear conflicts.

Your State Rep (35th District) Now Head of Florida GOP


by Julie Maglio

Blaise Ingoglia was elected by committee members to head the Florida GOP despite Governor Scott’s support of Leslie Dougher who had previously held that position. Ingoglia recently defeated Rose Rocco in the 35th District State Representative race in November of 2014. He has previously served as Vice Chairman of the Florida GOP and Chairman of the Hernando GOP. Back in 2007, he jumped into the political ring with his “Government Gone Wild” Seminars which targeted Hernando County Government and later the State of Florida.

School Impact Fees Still Suspended


Julie Maglio

In addition to road impact fees, the Board of County Commissioners are considering the reinstatement of school impact fees. They did not pass a motion to reinstate them at their January 13 meeting but scheduled a meeting in March to look at re-instituting both road and school impact fees with two workshops to be held before hand. Commissioner Dukes is working with staff to create a loan option for both road and school impact fees for new home buyers so that the cost of impact fees do not affect appraisals.

BOCC Considers Reinstatement of Road Impact Fees


by Julie Maglio

Currently road impact fees are suspended in order to encourage development of homes and businesses in Hernando County. On Tuesday January 13, County Commissioners considered the reinstatement of road impact fees of $2537 for a single family home, which are separate from impact fees that are also currently suspended for schools.