City of Brooksville Dedicates Council Chambers to Late Vice Mayor Joe Johnston III

Brooksville City Council Members and Mr. Johnston's family members unveil a plaque in his honor  on April 20th, 2016.

Mr. Joe Johnston III, served the city of Brooksville for a twenty year period of time as council member, mayor as well as vice mayor. He passed away in July of 2015 while serving as vice mayor.

The city issued the following statement in April, "The City was very fortunate to have had the dedicated service of Joe Johnston and we wish to cherish his memory by dedicating the City of Brooksville Council Chambers in honor of his service and friendship. The Chambers will be known thereafter as the Johnston Council Chambers.

Troubleshooting Hernando County Government Broadcasting

Hernando Sun Staff

Video down Saturday April 26, 2016

Hernando County Government Broadcasting has been facing difficulties keeping county meetings available online for public viewing. Often videos go down over the weekend which is problematic because there is no one available to troubleshoot the issue. Citizens who work during the week and wish to view the videos over the weekend are out of luck until the problem can be fixed on Monday. The problem has been ongoing for months.

Kass Circle Community Redevelopment Area (CRA)


SPRING HILL - The Hernando County BOCC held a second public hearing on the proposed changes to Kass Circle in Spring Hill on March 22, 2016 to determine whether or not to adopt a resolution stating that Kass Circle qualified as an area for Community Redevelopment under the Florida Statues. A Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) is designed to help revitalize certain portions of a community which are considered “blighted” (generally deteriorated or extremely run down) or a “slum area” (which has a prevalence of higher crime statistics, lower property values, and economic distress).

Training Facilities, Burn Building Approved for Hernando County Fire-Rescue

On March 8, Public Safety Director and Fire Chief Scott Hechler asked the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to direct financial staff to develop a funding plan for new facilities and Capital Improvement Plan. The commission asked Chief Hechler to list priorities to be discussed at the meeting on March 22.

Proposed Use of ESL Funds for Hunters Lake Clean Up

Hunters Lake is a 302 acre lake in Spring Hill. The lake is experiencing encroachment by invasive plants including "tussock" (grass-like plants) and build up of organic material or "muck." The result has been a loss of public access into the lake and decreased health of the lake in general due to low oxygen levels.

Rezoning Proposal Approved for Ridge Manor Oaks and Country Club

Ridge Manor Oaks and Country Club Rezoning

The Hernando Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted 3-2 on March 8 to approve a request (H1510) for Master Plan Revision and rezoning submitted by Just So You Know, LLC. The Hernando County Planning and Zoning commission voted 5-0 to recommend denial of the motion.

The President of Just So You Know, LLC, Bob Carson, purchased the bankrupt golf course at Ridge Manor Oaks and Country Club in 2009,and restored it to a playable course. Carson testified before the BOCC that the plans for the park were purely for the sake of profitability and keeping the golf course viable.

Dukes Proposes ESL Funds to Remove Invasive Plants in Hernando Beach

Photography by Elizabeth Dentato

Hernando Beach, invasive plants

Commissioner Wayne Dukes shared photos with the Board of County Commissioners of lead trees and other invasive plants along canals and marshland in Hernando Beach. The trees are all on county property, growing along the right of way and obscuring the water. Commissioner Dukes stated that property owners usually keep their yards mowed, preventing the trees from taking hold.

Sheriff Al Nienhuis Proposes Percentage Based Budget

Sheriff Al Nienhuis

Many may recall that determining the Sheriff's office budget for the current fiscal year was not a smooth process. The county discussed implementing a Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) for the Sheriff's office on two occasions which would give the office its own line item on the tax bill. The Sheriff has been in opposition to this move, stating it puts all of the burden on those who pay property taxes.