County Welcomes Commercial Jet Retrofitting Company to Airport

Hernando Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has approved a lease agreement at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport to Project TAS (Transportation Aviation Services), a company that retrofits commercial aircraft for corporate or head of state use. The lease agreement provides TAS with a 3 year payment incentive with a total value of $377,028. Funds are available through the economic improvement fund and will be paid directly to the airport.

Fire MSBU Budget Increases 3% per Year for Next 5

The Board of County Commissioners heard hours of comment from concerned citizens regarding the Hernando County Fire Rescue MSBU assessment increases.

Attempting to quell the oncoming storm, Chairman Nicholson stated,
“Before we get started we had to advertise in the newspaper, correct me if I’m wrong, what the maximum rates could be. By law that’s what we have to do… I don’t believe anybody on the board wants to do that, but it’s what we had to advertise.”

Property Exchange to Benefit Reversion to Two Way Streets in Brooksville

Cliff Taylor, City Attorney stated that the City of Brooksville and the Housing authority have been discussing the benefits of the property exchange for roughly a year. The parcels in question are a 3 acre parcel owned by the City and a 10 acre parcel within city limits on the SE side of Hillside Estates owned by the Housing Authority. The 10 acre property borders the Good Neighbor Trail.

City of Brooksville Provides Some Support to HC Fairgrounds July 4th Celebration


Richard Klimas with Hernando County Fair Association spoke to the Brooksville City Council about the upcoming July 4th celebration at the Hernando County Fairgrounds.
He stated that they reached out to the community and the community has helped out considerably with the fireworks display. So far they have acquired $11,000 out of the $15,000 they are aiming towards.

Saxon Manor Update: C-4 Zoning Approved for their 7.7 A property


Brooksville City Council voted to rezone approximately 7.7 acres located at the south side of E. Liberty Street approximately 265’ east of its intersection with S. Saxon Avenue from the current zoning of R-3 (High Density Residential) to a zoning designation of C-4 (Neighborhood Commercial).

The second reading of the resolution to rezone this property was approved on June 15 giving Saxon Manor the ability to use their newly constructed “Shabby Chic” Barn as a wedding venue.

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Commission considers MSTU for HCSO, Sheriff Convinces Otherwise

Hernando Sun Staff

Before the April 28th County Commission Meeting, Sheriff Nienhuis sent out a press release stating his position on an agenda item which would discuss creating a Municipal Service Taxing Unit for the Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Nienhuis came out strongly against an MSTU and stated that his department was never notified of this matter. Ultimately after hearing from the Sheriiff at the County Commission meeting, Commissioner Dukes dropped the item from the agenda.

Brooksville Council does not take sides on Cemex Expansion

by Julie Maglio

At the Brooksville City Council meeting on March 16th, Council members discussed the possibility of sending a resolution for or against the Cemex mine expansion to the Hernando Board of County Commissioners. After discussion of Council Members and public comment, they decided to not send a resolution at this point, but monitor developments by maintaining communication with County Staff.

Impact Fee Update

by Hernando Sun Staff

Road and Educational Facilities Impact Fees were once again on the agenda at the March 10th Board of County Commissioner’s Meeting.

Commissioners voted to deny an ordinance that established an effective date for road impact fee implementation for March 17th 2015. They also voted to deny an ordinance that removed the suspension on educational facilities impact fees.