Cloud conversion bill awaiting governor's signature


A technology infrastructure bill - HB 5301 is a conforming bill sponsored by Representative Blaise Ingoglia that has made some traction. It is currently waiting on a signature by the governor to become law. Representative Ingoglia explained that the important part of the bill is that it moves the state towards utilizing cloud technology which could save the government several million dollars. He said that if state agencies migrated to commercial cloud products, then tax dollars could be saved.

Holcomb to resume role of County Commissioner June 28


Commissioner Jeff Holcomb

Holcomb plans to attend the upcoming workshop and commission meetings before he officially returns to an active role of county commissioner.

Commissioner Holcomb returned home from Southwest Asia, where he was serving in the United States Navy Reserve. Holcomb was deployed in May 2016. In March of this year John Mitten was temporarily assigned to Holcomb’s seat (District 4) on the county commission by Gov. Rick Scott.

A review of legislation impacting Brooksville & Hernando County


“Things aren’t as bad as when I was here last time. It was a tough session,” said Shawn Foster of Sunrise Consulting Group to the Brooksville City Council on May 15th.

Foster continued, “it was the most onslaught attack that I’d ever seen on local rule in 20 years as staff or as a lobbyist. I think it’ll be back… The leadership that was there, they’ll still be there next year and they’ll still be in charge.”


City considers increase to overtime parking fees

On May 15th, the Brooksville City Council held a meeting to discuss current parking and fine policies through the Brooksville Police Department. Cliff Taylor, on behalf of Hogan Law Firm, went before the Council to propose an ordinance regarding an increase to parking fees from five dollars to ten.

The ordinance would apply to all municipal city lots and will include any overtime parking.

Rezoning approved for microbrewery

Former Mobil station, Spring Hill Drive and Barclay

On April 10th, David Peitzman of the Tidal Brewing Company appeared before the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) commission to request rezoning of the former Mobil station on the corner of Spring Hill Drive and Barclay Drive in order to open a small microbrewery.

A microbrewery is a limited-production brewery, typically producing specialty beers and often selling its products only locally. Rezoning is necessary in order to dispense alcoholic beverages, as well as to allow for warehouse facilities and local distribution at this location.