Complicated task looms: septic to sewer conversions

Outline of area that will require septic to sewer conversions.  May 2, 2017 Workshop packet

On the 2nd of May, a workshop was held to discuss Hernando county’s conversion from septic to sewer systems within the Weeki Wachee springshed. As mentioned by Utilities Director Gordon Onderdonk, the only reason this conversion is taking place is because the Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection (SAP) Act of 2016 is requiring it. The act provides protection and regulation for impaired springs in Florida and calls for the cleanup to be completed within 20 years.

Brooksville city council on the search for an interim city manager

City of Brooksville Seal

Readers may recall that the annual February evaluation of Brooksville City Manager T. Jennene Norman-Vacha was a topic of debate this year. Norman-Vacha, who accepted the position in 2007, has enjoyed automatic renewals of the contract from 2009 until this year. Opinions were divided, and the City Council voted 4-1 against renewing her contract.

Eliminating Comp Plan supermajority requirement gets no support from P&Z Commission

On March 13th, the Planning and Zoning Commission weighed in on an item that would eliminate the the need for a supermajority in order to make amendments to the current Comprehensive Plan.

The supermajority ruling that is currently in place requires that four out of the five commissioners vote in the affirmative on any proposed amendment that is brought up for consideration for the Comp Plan or Land Use Plan. The ordinance, proposed by County Attorney’s office, would seek to change that number to three affirmative votes needed to make changes.



THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, January 26, 2017.......... A measure that would allow Floridians to mix vodka and veggies in their shopping carts --- something prohibited for more than eight decades --- sailed through a Senate committee on Thursday.

The Regulated Industries Committee, in a 9-1 vote, backed the latest proposal (SB 106) to repeal a Depression-era law requiring liquor stores and bars to be separated from groceries and other retail goods, commonly referred to as the "liquor wall."

Safe Routes to School and Quality Drive Sidewalks

Local Agency Program (LAP) agreements were approved between the Florida DOT and Hernando County to pay for updated sidewalks under the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. Under the agreement, Assistant County Administrator Brian Malmberg stated the DOT will reimburse the County for costs of the design, up to the maximum amount approved for each of the two projects.

School District Updates Jan. 10, 2017


Superintendent's Update

The Hernando County School District held their regular board meeting on 01/10/17. Superintendent Lori Romano announced an increase in graduation rates in 2016 to 81.1%. Next she congratulated Pam Cannon from Explorer K8 as the 2017 School Related Employee of the Year. Pam is the school’s secretary but enthusiastically does so much more, always with a smile.


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