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Rocco Maglio is a former Town Commissioner and Mayor of Melbourne Beach, FL. He grew up in Brooksville and is a graduate of Hernando High School as well as PHSC. He current works as a software architect with a strong interest in computer security.

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What information does the internet know about you?

Rocco Maglio, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISSP, has over 20 years in the field of software engineering.

Companies on the Internet can collect information about you any time you are online.

Usually you have several browser windows open. You are logged into facebook or google in one window and browsing in another window.

Sheriff files appeal to Governor and Cabinet on budget matter

Sheriff Nienhuis explains his appeal to the Governor at a press conference on Monday 10/10/16.

BROOKSVILLE- about two weeks ago Sheriff Nienhuis filed a lawsuit against the county commission because he feels that the commission did not follow the state law in denying his budget. In spite of the lawsuit the Sheriff said at a press conference on Monday Oct. 10th, they are "still hitting a brick wall" as far as getting the budget increase.

How to avoid online scams

Rocco Maglio, is a Certified Internet Security Systems Professional (CISSP). He has worked in the web and software industry for over 20 years as a software architect and engineer.

A continuing problem with the Internet in the anonymous nature of users leads to it being a popular place for scammers. They can send emails that convince you to give personal information and police will not have a way to trace where the email went.

Deli World a traditional deli in Brooksville

Located just west of downtown Brooksville there is what you could call a little hole-in-the-wall deli that is worth checking out. Some of my favorite haunts are the modest hometown eateries that serve up a good meal without the attitude of pricier more upscale establishments. As the name implies, Deli World serves deli fare including soups, sandwiches, and salads at very reasonable prices.

Gator Tanglin' with Al Zaebst

One of the more interesting characters we have run across is Al Zaebst. He was brought to our attention when we found photos of him capturing an alligator in the Weeki Wachee River. His method was to stand up in the canoe and launch himself on to the back of the alligator (all while wearing loafers). I am sure it was quite a surprise for the alligator because once it reaches a decent size there is nothing in the river that would want to tangle with it.


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