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Schools Receive 100% Discretionary Funds for 2015-2016


Heather Martin, Executive Director of Business Services explained that the last remaining portion of the school's discretionary funds amounting to $192,000 was withheld from schools to help reinstate the third furlough day. However $489,000 in categorical funds were approved to get transferred into the general fund which will be used to reinstate the furlough day. Now the $192,000 is no longer needed for that purpose.

Normally, Martin explained that questions of discretionary funds are dealt with at the Superintendent level.

Environmental Groups Urge Commission to Reinstate Environmentally Sensitive Lands Committee

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Cypress Lake Preserve by Alice Mary Herden

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Brooksville applauded the BOCC for acknowledging the importance of maintaining the health of natural lands and the springs/waters of Hernando County. However, they expressed concern that the BOCC has considered ending the ESL Program on schedule in 2018. (When the resolution passed in 1988, it was determined to have a 30 year cap.) They estimated that each taxpayer contributes less than $6.00 annually into the ESL fund, which translates into approximately $58,000 in revenue for the program.

Library Time Limited by Lack of Media Specialist

The public school system within Hernando County has been struggling with funding despite the implementation of a half cent sales tax this year. Karen Jordan, Public Information Officer with the school district explains, "essentially, the state has reduced funding, other funding sources have not rebounded from the recession and enrollment has not increased significantly across the district."

Troubleshooting Hernando County Government Broadcasting

Hernando Sun Staff

Video down Saturday April 26, 2016

Hernando County Government Broadcasting has been facing difficulties keeping county meetings available online for public viewing. Often videos go down over the weekend which is problematic because there is no one available to troubleshoot the issue. Citizens who work during the week and wish to view the videos over the weekend are out of luck until the problem can be fixed on Monday. The problem has been ongoing for months.

City to Improve Notification Procedures for Commercial Exterior Grant Program

Hernando Sun Staff

Bill Geiger acting as the Executive Director of Brooksville's Community Redevelopment Agency explained that in June of 2009, a commercial exterior grant program was approved to primarily enhance aesthetics of the redevelopment area.

"It has been a successful program. We've had over 20 property owners take advantage of it to date," said Geiger.

Connecting to the Coast to Coast Connector

Coast to Coast Connector Map, FDOT

An initiative by Governor Rick Scott, the Coast to Coast Connector will potentially be a 275 mile paved trail for use by cyclists, skaters and pedestrians, extending from the Gulf of Mexico (St. Petersburg) to the Atlantic Ocean (Titusville). Fourteen existing trails form the Coast to Coast Connector. To be complete, the trail still requires 70 miles of connecting trails that will join seven existing gaps.

Arrest Made In Home Invasion Robbery

Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Carl Harris

On 04-13-2016 at approximately 6 a.m., Hernando County deputies were dispatched to a Home Invasion Robbery at 4456 Mariner Boulevard in Spring Hill.

The victim, David Acebey, advised deputies that shortly after his girlfriend left for work he was awakened with a flashlight and a gun being pointied at his head. He immediately identified the suspect as a former roommate, Carl Harris, as Harris did not have his face concealed.

Detectives Quickly ID and Capture Carjacking Suspect


20 year old John Henry Summerall

On 03-30-16, the victim, 87-year-old Lynne Tresness, was walking back to his residence from his shed when he observed a white male in his yard near his back door. The male said that his mother's car had broken down in the Croom Forest and asked Tresness for a ride. The male also asked Tresness for a drink of water.

Tresness took the male inside for a glass of water then the two left Tresness' residence on Thackeray Street in Nobleton to head to the Croom Forest. Tresness was driving his 2003 gold Buick LeSabre; the male, who never provided a name, rode in the passenger seat.


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