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Clean-up for schools used as shelters during Irma

After six of the district schools functioned as shelters during Hurricane Irma, there was a considerable amount of cleanup and sanitation needed before students returned. The school district used EE & G Environmental Services, Simpson Environmental Services and Pure Air Controls, Inc to perform the needed services.

Dr. Romano, Superintendent of Schools, followed Emergency Procurement Procedures in hiring the companies, enabling her to suspend the competitive bid process.

Captain Cyrus Robinson of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, 1 of 30 Executive Leadership graduates


The Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute’s Executive Leadership seminar is “an educational opportunity for upper level managers within Florida criminal justice organizations and seeks to provide a continuing education forum for the development and refinement of leadership skills for Florida’s criminal justice executives.”

Vertical Expansion Sought for Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill Cell

The Construction and Demolition (C&D) landfill cell is a 12.4 acre area that contains 9,699 tons of debris per year. Opening in 1991, the area is now nearing the end of its 26 year life span. Hernando County Solid Waste and Recycling is seeking permission to vertically expand the area to allow for more time to allocate a new C&D area.

Memorial Day and Labor Day Holiday garbage collection to resume for county

On June 6th, Commissioner Steve Champion asked Scott Harper of Hernando County Solid Waste and Recycling about the possibility of resuming trash collection on Memorial Day and Labor Day. According to Commissioner Champion, phones have been “ringing off the hook” from resident calls with this question.

Board approves redirecting funds from reserves for general fund capital expenses

On June 13th, the Board of County Commissioners approved a motion for a budget amendment hearing to have the following items funded from reserves: Poll Equipment for the Supervisor of Elections ($240,000), Lake Townsend Playground Equipment ($50,000), three Ice Machines for Parks and Recreation ($12,000), an air conditioner for The Lake House ($35,000), and Pine Island Playground Equipment($100,000).

The amendment was presented by Budget Manager Pamela Lee. No county residents objected, and the board approved the amendment unanimously.

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