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Create your very own fairy tale: Rapunzla

by HANNA FOX, Age 12

There once was a kingdom named Corona. It was a beautiful island. Inside the walls of Corona the queen was having a baby girl. But the queen was getting really sick. The king could not find a cure for this sickness. He searched every corner of his library. Then he found this tiny book stuffed away. The king looked in the book and he finally found a cure. It was for a fruit which was scarce. Ezra, the awful witch coveted the fruit. So the king took his 5 best men to look for the fruit. They looked for a week before they found the fruit.

Kids Corner Story of the Week Due July 11th

"The Jolly Flatboatmen" by George Caleb Bingham, 1846

It is exciting to write for a newspaper! Do you have a lot of time on your hands and you need something to do?
Well, this summer the Hernando Sun will publish some stories about the topic provided.
Once a week The Hernando Sun Staff will pick the top stories to be printed and a few selected others will go online.

Write a story about the painting above.
Who are these men, where are they, where are they going, why are they rejoicing?
Email your story, name and age to

with your parent's permission!

Story Due By:
Noon on 7-11-17

If I were king for a day...

by BRADY L.A. ROGERS, Age 14

If I were king for a day...

My focus would be to help the people of my hometown. First, I would hold a town meeting to find out what was important to the people. Whether it was building new roads or buildings and stores. I’d show them how to lookout for each other-see a need fill a need, by starting funds for the homeless or the sick-important things like that.

People look up to kings. And even though I would only be one for a day, I’d like to show everyone what one person can do, whether you’re a king or not.

My Goals for the Summer

Age: 12
There are so many things I want to do over the summer. I would like to get a quarter way through the 8/7 math book. This summer I would like like to improve my swimming skills. Also I am keen to read as many books as I can. When I go up north to my grandmother’s I would like to run up her mountain in record breaking time. Besides that I would also like to make the largest mud pie. I would like to improve in my typing skills so I can be a better typist and so I can type faster. I hope I can reach all my goals this summer.

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