Karst Underwater Research: Exploring the Sanctums Beneath Us

How many people driving down US 19 are aware of the vast cavern system beneath them? Brett Hemphill and the Karst Underwater Research (KUR) Team know the system very well. Mr. Hemphill jokes that every time he drives a certain portion of US19, he holds his breath because he knows that the only thing between the car and a vast underwater cavern hundreds of feet deep and large enough to hold a jumbo airliner is just feet of limestone rock.

City of Brooksville suing to get rid of red light cameras?

Julie Maglio

A letter dated April 9th, 2015 was sent to the City of Brooksville from Carlos Lofstedt of SenSys America. In this letter, Mr. Hofstedt tells the City of Brooksville that they will be liable for damages “in excess of $500,000 representing Sensys’s lost revenue” if they terminate the red light camera contract in December of 2015. They maintain that their contract with the City of Brooksville naturally terminates in April 2017 since that is 3 years from the installation of the last traffic infraction detector.

SunTrust Bank Closes American Gun & Pawn's Account

Hernando Sun Staff

A local story that has received national attention is SunTrust Bank's closing of the banking account of American Gun & Pawn. On March 20 Steve Champion, the owner of American Gun & Pawn, received a letter from SunTrust stating his deposit accounts, safe deposit boxes, and credit cards would need to be closed by April 20th, or SunTrust would close them for him.

Patricia's Boutique: Brooksville's Iconic Dress Shop Gives Back

Downtown Brooksville is graced with a unique boutique. Locals and out of towners alike slow their roll as they pass to admire the massive strip of beautifully dressed display windows that are Patricia’s Boutique. The historical location was built way back in 1912 and first housed a quality shop, flower shop, and upstairs doctors office. The nearly 6000 square foot space is divided into three separate sections, the prom room, bridal suite, and casuals shoppe.

Brooksville Council does not take sides on Cemex Expansion

by Julie Maglio

At the Brooksville City Council meeting on March 16th, Council members discussed the possibility of sending a resolution for or against the Cemex mine expansion to the Hernando Board of County Commissioners. After discussion of Council Members and public comment, they decided to not send a resolution at this point, but monitor developments by maintaining communication with County Staff.

County Establishes Application Process for Airport Operators

by Julie Maglio

BROOKSVILLE- At the February 24th County Commission Meeting, Commissioners voted 4-1 to adopt an ordinance that establishes a procedure for a company that applies to be an operator at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport. It is important to note that new minimum operating standards have not been adopted and any company that is approved through the established procedure will be held to the operating standards that have been in effect since 2004. Hernando County is currently working with a consultant to develop up to date Minimum Operating Standards.

Hernando County Conservation and Habitat Restoration Zone

by Julie Maglio

Since Brian Malmberg has been Assistant County Administrator, he says that the county has aimed to get a reef project done every couple of years. Last month Mr. Malmberg spoke about the reef projects that were recently approved by the commission for funding through the RESTORE Act. Now, the Port Authority recommends establishing a zone for conservation and habitat restoration off the coast of Hernando Beach.

Hard Freeze Hits Hernando

by Hernando Sun Staff

Hernando was hit by a hard freeze Friday morning. In some areas, the temperature dipped into the mid to low 20's. It stayed below freezing for at least six hours and that is enough to damage many plants and trees.

Across the area, people covered their vulnerable plants with sheets, blankets, and boxes, in the hopes of retaining enough heat to prevent major damage to the plants. Other people ran their sprinklers to protect their plants with warm water.


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