The Unfortunate Crum Family

John W. Crum and Ann Pyles Hope, from the Frasier Mountain collection

The members of Richard R. Crum’s family were prominent early Hernando County residents. He settled near present day Brooksville on land provided under the Armed Occupation Act of 1842. His wife Charlotte Pyles Wynn Crum was killed by Seminole Indians in that same year. His son John Washington Crum was murdered returning home from a meeting. Two random murders hitting the same family is certainly unfortunate.

Dollars for dogs: love is the answer

photography by Elizabeth Dentato

Ten year old Harrison is the founder of Dollars for Dogs.

One of the most powerful commercials I recall seeing was of children following adults and imitating their actions. It ended with the tagline: Make your influence positive.

It’s a simple concept, but it requires adults to be conscious of their acts and consistent in providing good examples. That is what Mandy Celt has done. Mandy runs ASAP Rescue, which quite literally takes small animals from the euthanasia lists at animal shelters – abandoned pets, the injured or old, the throwaways.

Little girl, BIG dreams

photography by Sarha Rush, Ric Tauceda and Andrea Harrison

Photographer Madison Harrison, by Ric Tauceda

“Who says you have to be an adult to start your own business?” says Madison Harrison, owner and founder of Photos With Madison. This amazing entrepreneur is only 10 years old and started the business when she was 7. Can you believe that? Madison started taking pictures when she was only 3 years old because she wanted to capture memories herself. She says, “I wanted to take my own pictures.”

Holiday traditions are important in Florida

celebration feast of Gov. William Sherman Jennings in Brooksville, Between 1901 and 1905. Black & white photonegative, 5 x 4 in. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory.

In Hernando County we do not have snow covered holidays, instead we have the opportunity to have Christmas at the beach or on the river. We are far enough north that the maple leaves turn red and many trees lose their leaves over the winter, but we do not have a Fall season with great variation of color. During winter, we get several nights when the weather drops below freezing and frost in the morning, but winter here can also include a number of beach days.

Most Valuable Goat (MVG) of the World Series


Mike Walker is currently the director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Brooksville. He pitched professionally for 14 years playing for both the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians who met in this year's World Series. Even though he pitched for both teams, he is a Chicago Cubs fan at heart. Mike was born in Chicago and is a lifelong Cubs fan, so he set about to reverse the curse of the Billy Goat.

Superstitions are a part of baseball. A player may not wash his clothes when he is playing well. Fans may have the same game day routine to try to keep their team winning.

Republicans sweep Hernando- Election 2016

It was a huge night for Hernando County Republicans, as they won every election the party was on the ballot for. Along with Representative Blaise Ingoglia keeping his seat in the Florida House of Representatives for District 35 and John Emerson continuing on as Property Appraiser, the Board of County Commissioners also saw John Allocco unseat Democratic incumbent Diane Rowden in District Three and Steve Champion take over District Five. The Supervisor of Elections, Shirley Anderson was also re-elected.

Honoring the History of Eden Baptist Church

Eden Baptist Church by artist Maryleen Webb

For the 171st Anniversary of Eden Baptist Church in Lake Lindsey, Hernando Sun is publishing a piece written by Bobby and Betty (Cason) Snow in October 2011 entitled "Eden Baptist Church, The Early Years, 1840s and 1850s". The article was originally published in the "Eden Baptist Church Homecoming Celebration" on October 16, 2011. It is a very comprehensive history and we plan to publish it in segments. The following segment describes the "environment that the seeds of Eden Baptist Church began" as well as the earliest pastors and charter members of the church.


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