Who's on the ballot? Appellate Judges & Supreme Court Justices

Election Day is not only used to select a new President of the United States. Along with selecting Senators and Congresspersons, Tuesday Nov. 8 gives people the opportunity to decide if Justices of the Florida State Supreme Court and the District Court of Appeals retain their positions. This year, three Florida Supreme Court Justices and four Fifth District Court of Appeals Judges are on the ballot in Hernando County.

Hernando residents help each other through Hermine

Hernando Sun Staff

Hernando County Sheriff's Office captured the scene of Deputy Mike Woodward assisting a gentleman from his Aripeka home early Friday morning 9/2/2016.

Hurricane Hermine left a mark on coastal Hernando County last week by way of flood damage and power outages.

On Friday morning, power companies reported approximately 4000 residents without power. They worked quickly to get the power back on in homes around the county. Flood mitigation companies responded to homes in Hernando Beach throughout the weekend.


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