For nearly 130 years, local newspapers have served Hernando County


For nearly 130 years, local newspapers have served Hernando County. When Hernando Today closed their doors in November of 2014, many were saddened by the loss. That is why we ventured into the world of newspaper publication. A newspaper serves to bring a community together and keep community members abreast of recent changes in government, education and business as well as significant events. It also provides an avenue for recollection, giving new residents an opportunity to learn about the history of their home.

Monument Re-Dedication does not dwell on past

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Major General Hartsell, USMC-U.S. Pacific Command stands with Hail Skoglund (Violinist) along with MCL Detachment 708 Members Tony Ackers: Adjutant (l) Frank Glassford: Commandant (r) and Thomas Flynn: Commandant Elect. with Color Guard present. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

In April of 2015, the Marine Corps League Detachment 708 monument was vandalized, the reason is unknown. As the news of this devastating action spread throughout the community last year, members of Detachment 708 were flooded with donations both in volunteerism and contributions. Turner Funeral Home was a major contributor for the new monument.

Hernando Sun to Print Weekly Starting April 1st... No Joke.

Hernando Sun Staff

The Hernando Sun-Shine Kids learn how a newspaper is printed at the Citrus Chronicle.

The Hernando Sun began printing nearly one year ago. Since then we have grown tremendously. We started with an eight page newspaper and two writers. Now we are printing twenty pages and have around nine writers. Our total readership has climbed to tens of thousands. We received our Periodical designation by the US Post Office. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to provide local news coverage for the Hernando County community. With that in mind, we are ready to take the next step. On April 1st, 2016 we will be printing once a week.

A Giant of a Man

Mark Swiconek delivers a speech

On your daily commute along Mariner or Northcliffe, you may have noticed a tall man walking along the road. You may have passed him within a corridor of Oak Hill Hospital, where he worked as a linen and sanitation specialist. If you were fortunate enough to have known him, then you know that this was not just any man.

Although he was content to let you believe otherwise. "No one hardly knew of his achievements until after his passing because he never spoke of himself," stated Gene Collins, a close family friend.

Christmas Revived Behind the Doors of Rogers' Christmas House

Preperations Underway for Rogers' Christmas House Opening

Rogers’ Christmas House began as a Christmas section within the Rogers’ Department Store in Downtown Brooksville. As the popularity of the Christmas venue grew, Margaret "Weenie" Ghiotto (Rogers) expanded the business into the iconic five cottage complex that many remember with fondness. Ghiotto passed away in 2006 and the Christmas House sadly closed its doors in 2010. However the new owners of the property, Greg and Dorothea Stephens, are ushering in a new era for the Christmas House.

Hernando County Jane Doe Murdered in 1972 May Have a Chance to Tell her Story

Julie B. Maglio

Bust of Hernando County Jane Doe murdered in 1972 by IFAAS forensic artists

A Hernando County Jane Doe, murdered in 1972 may have a chance to tell her story. Approximately 3 days after her death, a teenage boy discovered her body. Her remains had already started to decompose, making her unrecognizable. She was buried by the county following an autopsy. Then in June 2015, her body was exhumed for DNA testing, anthropological assessments, and facial reconstruction. Three dimensional printing was used to create a replica of her skull which was then used for facial reconstruction, a relatively new process forged by forensic artist Joe Mullins.

Hernando Youth League Treasurer Charged with Bank Fraud

Hernando Sun Staff


Treasurer of Hernando Youth League and CenterState Bank Executive (Sr. Vice President) David Donato has been charged with bank fraud. US Attorney A. Lee Bentley III filed the information and plea agreement charging Donato with bank fraud earlier this week. If convicted he could face up to 30 years in federal prison. The United States also intends to seek a money judgment in the amount of $143,878.80, that traces back to the fraud proceeds.

Three Little Words: A Good Book and Essay Contest

Three Little Words is eye-opening, breathtaking and painful. A young woman tells her story of growing up in the foster care system here in West/Central Florida, eventually ending up at Tampa Children’s Home before she is finally adopted after spending nearly 10 years in foster care. The memoir account of Ashley Rhodes-Courter has been widely acclaimed since it was published in 2008. She tells her unique story, but thousands of others must have their own variations, some happier, some more tragic than others.


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