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Julie B. Maglio has experience in art, graphic arts, web design and development. She also has a strong scientific background, co-authoring a scientific paper on modeling the migration and population dynamics of the monarch butterfly, while attending the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute at Cornell University. She holds a B.A. from New College of Florida, majoring in Biology.

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Thanksgiving: a state of mind

Giving thanks should be a daily deed. One of the current weaknesses in our culture is ungratefulness and taking what we have for granted. It is something that is blatantly apparent in the younger generations today as celebrities and the news media have molded their negative opinions of America and degraded values. Celebrities and media personalities have only been able to infiltrate these young minds because our foundation is folding. That foundation is the family unit.

Pray on Election Day: Local Church offers Election Day Service

photography provided by Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Election Day Service at Holy Cross Lutheran in Spring Hill

On Election Day, Holy Cross Lutheran Church will offer a special service to reconcile the struggles citizens have faced during this election cycle. The service will be the first of its kind for Holy Cross Lutheran. Pastor Peter Morey who has been with Holy Cross Lutheran in Spring Hill since 2014, expressed deep concern with the toll the election has taken on spirituality in America.

"I have members of my congregation who are no longer welcome in their family's homes."

Discussion continues on alternative waste project

More discussion of the Alternative Waste to Energy Project took place at the October 25th, 2016 Commission meeting. The project is estimated to cost nearly $4 million per year, based on the number of tons of class I garbage processed at the facility to be built by Freedom Energy Hernando. The county is to pay Freedom Energy $39/ton to process the garbage- who will turn it into a fuel pellet and sell it to industrial end users. The project was at one point on the verge of cancellation, as the county's financial evaluation of the project determined it to be uneconomical.

Florida Blueberry Festival seeks a 90-year lease on Bud McKethan Park

Sections of Bud McKethan Park.  Sections 1, 1A, 2, 2A and 4 are on the proposed lease agreement.

The Brooksville City Council meeting room was filled almost to capacity for the regular session on 10/17/16. The Blueberry Festival will need a new home in 2018, since the county no longer wishes to pay the bill for street closures. The Blueberry Festival worked with Cliff Manuel, president of the Brooksville Vision Foundation and Coastal Engineering, to help them with a concept they could present to the City Council, providing a permanent home for the festival.

Supervisor of Elections working through ballot issues affecting Brooksville City Council race

The Brooksville City Council race between Frankie Burnett and Joe Bernardini did not appear on the ballots of sixty-five voters who recently became residents of the City of Brooksville through city annexations. The Supervisor of Elections, Shirley Anderson, explained that her office was never informed of the change by the City of Brooksville.

The distribution lists on the last three city annexations did not include the Supervisor of Elections Office.

County responds to Sheriff's Budget Appeal

Sheriff Nienhuis explains his budget appeal at a press conference in October

Sheriff Al Nienhuis recently appealed to the State of Florida Administration Commission on the matter of the funding of his FY 2017 budget. Sheriff Nienhuis requested a $1.7 million budget increase to pay for an additional detective to monitor sexual predators, a mental health worker for the jail, and an additional K9 officer. The Sheriff's Office feels that they need the additional detective to monitor sexual predators, since a few years ago there were 285 sexual predators and now there are over 400 in the county.


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