Local artist finds passion for painting

photos of artwork provided by artist

In many instances, as people age, some lose the desire to try new things. Others may simply feel that it’s too late for them to discover any hidden talents or to try something new. This is not the case for Susan Burke, however, who discovered she has the talent and passion for oil painting, only about four or five years ago.

At 50, the headless dino needs some work done

The headless dino on 476 has a broken tail

On a turn of State Road 476 between Lake Lindsey and Nobleton a headless dinosaur stands on the side of the road. It has become a landmark and merchandise for the area bears its likeness. The dinosaur is extremely realistic, the cement has been textured to resemble a leathery skin. On a foggy day you could imagine you are seeing a real live Brontosaurus as they existed 150 million years ago.

Hurricane season begins. Here are some ways to ready yourself

Hurricane Frances from the International Space Station 2004

In a press conference last week, Governor Rick Scott stated, “Last year, our state was impacted by two hurricanes … We haven’t experienced something like this in over a decade. These hurricanes clearly heighten the awareness for everybody in our state about the need to be prepared, and the damage it can do to your house, or to your business and our economy.”
With so much at stake, a solid preparedness plan is important.

How To Prepare

Will you need to evacuate? Do you have pets? How much food and water will you need for an extended power and water outage?

Our way of life preserved by some willing to give all


Memorial Day at Florida National Cemetery, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day celebrations in the area ranged from somber ceremonial events to eclectic and iconic expressions of American culture.

We should all be thankful to those willing to sacrifice their lives to serve our country. Because of them, we have the opportunity to live in freedom.

The roads were packed with bikers on Monday, many of whom converged upon the Florida National Cemetery’s annual Memorial Day Ceremony. A group of bikers sponsored by Tampa Bay Defenders met at the rest area near marker 277 on I-75 to make the trek.

"Broadway" comes to Brooksville Chocachatti Elementary students give stellar performance of Peter Pan, Junior

Peter Pan played by Isabella Diaz defeats Captain Hook played by Andrew Clarkson.  Lost boys, pirates and Wendy look on.  From left to right:  Payton Griffith, Ellas Neesham, Alexandria Lagness, Brendan Shannon, Chesney Alvardo

I’ve never been to a Broadway show or even an off-Broadway show, but the rendition of classic Peter Pan given by students at Chocachatti Elementary School on Monday, May 8 could give any of these venues a run for their money.

Under the direction of teachers Rhonda Bowers, Irmarie Kraft and Nancy Kraus, the cast of “dozens,” made up of third through fifth graders performed on a professional level – proof that seven months of three-times-a-week rehearsals paid off.

Retired Army Sergeant pays tribute to Veterans with yard display

David L. Beckner's yard display on Barclay.

While driving down Barclay in Brooksville last week I spotted something that made me stop. It was a display made out of plywood depicting two soldiers kneeling down in front of three wooden crosses. I was curious about it and wanted to take a picture. I pulled into the driveway and waited until someone came out of the house so I could get the homeowner’s permission to take the photo. Little did I know that I would get more than just a “photo op.”


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