Mosquito Control in Hernando County


Sandra Fisher, Hernando County Mosquito Control Director spoke to the Brooksville City Council about the upcoming mosquito season and what types of control methods are being used.

Fisher stated that the mission of Hernando County’s Mosquito control is to enhance quality of life for residents throughout the county by reducing mosquito populations through integrated pest management. She explained that surveillance, control, source reduction, and public education are essential parts of integrated pest management.

Ebb and Flow of Aripeka's Artists


A small coastal community on the border of Pasco and Hernando County has been called home by several major contemporary artists. The alluring nature of Aripeka, resides in its beauty and isolation, both especially appealing to artists seeking a place for inspiration and contemplation. At one point at least six highly successful artists lived in Aripeka but not many remain. Like the ebb and flow of the Gulf waters, Aripeka is awaiting new talent to emerge from the tide. Leslie Neumann who is an artist as well as a land conservationist still lives and works in Aripeka.

Dodgeball Trying to Carve Niche in County


BROOKSVILLE - Six balls sit lined up at center court of the Jerome Brown Community Center gym. The players sprint to grab them, and quite literally take aim at their opponents.
It's the City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation Department's version of dodgeball, and no it's not broadcast on ESPN 8 The "Ocho." Actors Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn are nowhere in sight.

Masaryktown- A bit of Paradise

Special to Hernando Sun, Elaine Tokos Hogue

I want to share my experience of living in Masaryktown, Florida located 40 miles north of Tampa and 10 miles south of Brooksville on the western coast of Florida. Masaryktown was a small poultry- egg producing farming community, comprised of approximately 300 Slovaks and some Czechs. I say “was” because although the town is the same today, the population and structure are now totally different.

Compassion is Key to Dementia Care

NATURE COAST- Florida is a well-known retirement destination, and it shouldn’t be surprising that we have a high number of seniors in our communities. The baby boom generation, which includes births from 1945-1964, produced over 77 million babies in the United States. According to the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, it was estimated that the number of Baby Boomers are expected to reach 5.3 million in Florida by 2020 and they will continue to account for a larger proportion of Florida’s population well through 2050.

Summer Camps and Activities in Hernando County

It’s that time of year again the kids will be out of school in less than a month, leaving us parents frantically trying to find what is available to keep our kids entertained all summer long, and keep our sanity. All the search and comparing can be exhausting and a full time job, I know because I do it every year. So I’ve compiled a list of my findings so far for the summer. Here you will find a collection of programs found to date.

The Real Scoop on Fertilizer

Spring is in the air, and many of us want to give our lawns a boost by applying fertilizer. Florida-Friendly Landscaping principle number #3 is “Fertilize Appropriately.”

Let’s discuss how one can accomplish the task of fertilizing appropriately. I must warn you – there will be math! I know, that thought makes me pause as well. Math and I are not friends, but this math is fairly simple, once you’ve got it figured out.

Respite Care: Positive for Caregiver and their Loved One


Respite Care is available for those with early stage Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or other types of senile dementia in Citrus and Hernando County. Often taking care of a loved one with a memory loss illness is extremely demanding. Respite care offers a break for the caretaker and beneficial social interaction for the affected individual. The program is available through Catholic Charities and serves anyone in need.


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