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'Sea Gate Village' development aims for mixed use designation, city council approves first hearing

The Sea Gate Village subdivision was first platted and approved by Hernando County on July 24, 2007. The property is currently vacant and undeveloped, except for sidewalks and water service that was installed to serve the future residential and commercial development.

Budget resolution transferring funds from the Environmentally Sensitive Lands fund to the Quality of Life fund for capital projects

Budget Manager Pamela Lee addressed the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on July 11, 2017 regarding a budget resolution to move $3,080,000 from the Environmentally Sensitive Lands Fund to the Quality of Life Fund for Capital Projects. During the regular meeting on June 13, the BOCC directed the Budget Office to transfer $3,000,000 in addition to $80,000 already committed for the Bayport Pier repairs.

County revises hardware replacement policy

Technology Services Manager Karolyn Anthony presented to the Board of County Commissioners revisions to a Hardware Replacement Policy ( No. 34-01) that was approved in September 2011. The Hardware Replacement - Internal Service Fund Policy essentially requires all county departments to budget 20% of replacement costs annually for the Internal Service Fund, resulting in a self-sustaining fund that provides the Board of County Commissioners stable funding through the normal budgeting process.

Vertical Expansion Sought for Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill Cell

The Construction and Demolition (C&D) landfill cell is a 12.4 acre area that contains 9,699 tons of debris per year. Opening in 1991, the area is now nearing the end of its 26 year life span. Hernando County Solid Waste and Recycling is seeking permission to vertically expand the area to allow for more time to allocate a new C&D area.

Memorial Day and Labor Day Holiday garbage collection to resume for county

On June 6th, Commissioner Steve Champion asked Scott Harper of Hernando County Solid Waste and Recycling about the possibility of resuming trash collection on Memorial Day and Labor Day. According to Commissioner Champion, phones have been “ringing off the hook” from resident calls with this question.

Board approves redirecting funds from reserves for general fund capital expenses

On June 13th, the Board of County Commissioners approved a motion for a budget amendment hearing to have the following items funded from reserves: Poll Equipment for the Supervisor of Elections ($240,000), Lake Townsend Playground Equipment ($50,000), three Ice Machines for Parks and Recreation ($12,000), an air conditioner for The Lake House ($35,000), and Pine Island Playground Equipment($100,000).

The amendment was presented by Budget Manager Pamela Lee. No county residents objected, and the board approved the amendment unanimously.

County to convert Oakley Island from septic to sewer

At the June 27 Board of County Commissioners meeting, Utilities Director Gordon Onderdonk proposed a budget amendment to convert approximately twenty homes on Oakley Island to the county sewer system. Oakley Island is located at: 28.541421, -82.626777, which is across the Mud River from Mary’s Fish Camp. The current septic systems are not functioning well due to a high water table.

Brooksville Faces Budget Shortfall

The July 6th, 2017 Brooksville City Council Meeting ended with a budget update. Interim City Manager Lyndon Bonner called on Finance Director James Lasch to present estimations of the 2018 fiscal year with and without changes to the millage rates and expenditures. After introducing the issue of “being $600,000 upside down”, Mr. Bonner answered the “how did we get here” question by saying, “Last year, a number of reserves were used to fund this year’s budget, and those reserves are no longer available.”


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