Lisa MacNeil

Training Facilities, Burn Building Approved for Hernando County Fire-Rescue

On March 8, Public Safety Director and Fire Chief Scott Hechler asked the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to direct financial staff to develop a funding plan for new facilities and Capital Improvement Plan. The commission asked Chief Hechler to list priorities to be discussed at the meeting on March 22.

Rezoning Proposal Approved for Ridge Manor Oaks and Country Club

Ridge Manor Oaks and Country Club Rezoning

The Hernando Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted 3-2 on March 8 to approve a request (H1510) for Master Plan Revision and rezoning submitted by Just So You Know, LLC. The Hernando County Planning and Zoning commission voted 5-0 to recommend denial of the motion.

The President of Just So You Know, LLC, Bob Carson, purchased the bankrupt golf course at Ridge Manor Oaks and Country Club in 2009,and restored it to a playable course. Carson testified before the BOCC that the plans for the park were purely for the sake of profitability and keeping the golf course viable.


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