Sue Quigley

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Maintained by members, Auro Community Garden is a sustainable garden using organic growing methods.

Photography by Sue Quigley

Growing your own food is undeniably the best way to get fresh, nutritious food economically, ethically and eco-friendly. But although we would all love to be able to pick vegetables straight from our garden for dinner every evening, for many it is just not possible. To be successful in growing your own food, you need enough land and nutrient-rich soil to grow that food. You have to be able bodied, have time to devote tending the garden and a budget to acquire seeds and supplies for starting a garden.

Bystander CPR Key to Saving More Lives

Learning CPR/AED at a local class can be rewarding and empowering when that unexpected emergency arises.

Photography by Sue Quigley

How many times have we tuned into popular television shows and watched as our favorite actors bring back to life victims on the brink of death following cardiac arrest?

How many of you have seriously considered what you would do if someone close to you suddenly collapsed and was unable to breathe?

Sadly, most bystanders don’t do anything because they don’t know how to initiate CPR - cardio-pulmonary resuscitation - or are afraid they’ll do something wrong.

Coffee Barn Roasted to Perfection


The magical, dark brown elixir that jump-starts our day in practically every time zone is a ritual well entrenched in our daily lives. So, if you’re going to meet someone for coffee, you should rendezvous at The Coffee Barn and Bakery, an independently operated coffee shop in Brooksville that offers hand-roasted coffee and delicious bakes.
Daniel Pritz, 24, who co-owns The Coffee Barn and Bakery with his wife, Darby, is dedicated to serving that perfectly brewed cup of joe.


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