Changes Coming to Cortez near Oak Hill Hospital

The non-profit organizations Christ Charity for Kids, Inc. and Father Hamm’s Care for Kids, LLC received BOCC approval for zoning changes to 10 acres of property along SR 50, and to a larger, adjacent parcel of approximately 270 acres to the north. The property is 2,000 feet west of Oak Hill Hospital, and almost equidistant between Highpoint Boulevard and Nightwalker Road.

Goodwin Bros. Construction, Inc. awarded phase 3 of Lake Lindsey widening project

Goodwin Bros. Construction, Inc. was awarded the contract for Phase 3 of the Lake Lindsey Road widening project. Estimated completion time of this phase is 210 days. Commissioner Wayne Dukes praised the quality of the work done so far, stating it is a “really nice road to drive now.”

Approval of contract with Willy's Tropical Breeze Inc.

Assistant County Administrator Russell Wetherington asked the BOCC to consider approval of another five-year agreement with Willy’s Tropical Breeze, Inc. to provide concessions at Pine Island Park. Monthly fees are due to the County ($750 monthly January – March; $1500 monthly April – December). The contract was approved unanimously, without discussion.

Transformation Aviation Services Update to BOCC

David Tidwell, President of Transformation Aviation Services (TAS), stated his company has a two-fold purpose: to transform aircraft and change lives, which he states is possible only with God. Tidwell also trains employees who may not have an extensive aviation background, but are teachable and willing to learn the trade properly and correctly.

SunWest: beach, development and change

Photography by Elizabeth Dentato

The Sunwest Park is a beach park on a 70 acre spring-fed lake. The park features white sand beaches, picnic tables, and pavilions. There are also kayaks, paddle boards, and a floating aqua park for people to use for additional charges when there is availability. It has become a popular summer destination for Hernando county residents.

How two factor authentication can protect you

The way we identify ourselves on the internet is with a username and password. Usually the username is either our email, our name, or some other identifier we use repeatedly.

Many times your username is used to identify comments that you make on the site. To steal your account all an attacker needs to do is guess your password, since in most cases your username is readily available.

Slip and Fall Injuries that Happen at the Gym

When people go to the gym, it’s usually to lose weight, work off stress or a multitude of other reasons that often lead to a healthy lifestyle.

With heavy weights, large machines and energetic classes, people get in shape or maintain their health with all that gyms offer. Unfortunately, with any activity, there are potential risks involved.

When signing up for a gym membership, there will be a liability waiver to protect the gym from any liability claim that may occur from an accident.

Wilson: ‘Our focus is on quality’

Chuck Wilson, president and owner of Wilson Technology Group Inc., and an expert in the telecommunications industry, says ‘quality is key.’

Photography by Sue Quigley

Far out on US98 and nestled in the sleepy countryside beyond Brooksville might not seem an obvious place to base an IT company leading the way in full turnkey IT solutions.

But that’s where Chuck Wilson and his wife and business partner Terry Weaver decided was an absolutely great place to locate their business: Wilson Technology Group and the business of telecommunications and technology industry design and implementation.

“It was in 2000 and we decided we didn’t want to be city people any more — that’s when we discovered Brooksville,” Wilson said.

Is driver assist technology making you safer?

Recently there was a fatal crash of a driver using the Tesla Model S’s autopilot feature. This brought discussions of driver assist technologies to the forefront. There are a number of companies working on developing self driving cars including Tesla, Google, Apple, and BMW.

Tesla’s autopilot uses Autosteer to keep the car in the current lane and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to maintain the car’s speed. On a highway, the car will virtually drive itself. Tesla’s autopilot requires that the driver’s hands stay on the wheel while driving to enforce driver engagement.


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