Time to get your groove on

Line dancing is just one of the many dance routines participants can learn if attending the monthly dance meetings at The Lake House in Spring Hill.

What is it about dancing?

We find ourselves moving our bodies to a song we love and we instantly feel joyful. It doesn’t matter what type of music it might be. Just that it lifts our mood as well as giving us a good, low-impact cardio workout, increased stamina and a way of socializing with other individuals.

“It is something you can enjoy at any time in your life, no matter what your ability,” said Peter Berna, President and Treasurer of USA Dance, Adventure Coast Chapter 6090. “Dancing makes us feel good and more importantly it can be fun and good for your health.”

Words that work

Peter and Christine Berna organize snacks and beverages for dancers participating in the USA Dance Adventure Coast Chapter 6090 meetings every second Thursday of the month. ABOVE: Peter Berna aka DJPete at the turntables.

Twenty-first Century Americans have inherited an acceleration of hectic days and frenetic activity.  Modern Americans demand more bang for their buck with everything from Smart Phones to Organic Food. Modern American language is no different and reflects this change. E-mailing has been reduced to text messaging with symbols that express our emotions (emoticons) and the thirty-second sound bite has been reduced to three second attention-grabbers as collective attention spans grow shorter with every passing day.

All that remains...

Demolition of the former Tampa Tribune Building Photo by Jack Cormier

The former building of the Tampa Tribune newspaper located on Parker Street in Tampa photographed Sunday, March 19, 2017 as demolition of the building continues to pave the way for riverside condominiums. Sold by its owners Media General of Richmond, Virginia in 2012 to a Los Angeles investment company, the building was then sold to real estate developers who plan a 400-unit residential complex on the site.

Only Bank in Ridge Manor Closing

The SunTrust Bank branch in Ridge Manor is closing after serving the community for many years. Several of our readers contacted us to inform us about this sad event, one even used its old name SunBank.

With online banking we are seeing the closing of many banking branches. The closing of the Ridge Manor SunTrust branch is different in that it is the only bank in that community.


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