Copacabana: Visit the Caribbean without leaving Spring Hill

Photography by Rocco Maglio

Copacabana is in the Mariner Crossing Shopping Center on the corner of Northcliffe Boulevard and Mariner Boulevard. It has been serving the area for eight years. It serves Cuban, Puerto Rican & Dominican Dishes. It is a great value with large portions and reasonable prices.

BarbieCue: "Sexiest BBQ in Florida!"

The BarbieCue food truck has a slogan stating that it serves the "sexist BBQ in Florida!" All I can say about that is the young man who served me did not happen to look like the woman on their truck. You can find the food truck at Marker 48 on Wednesday through Saturday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. They also state that everything is fresh, never frozen, and homemade including all their rubs and sauces.

BarbieCue offers a number of meats and sides. The meats they offer are smoked ribs, pork, chicken, and brisket. They also have a variety of sides.

Ron's Roadside Grille BBQ Review


GARDEN GROVE - Ron's Roadside Grille is one of those barbeque restaurants that perfectly looks the part. It is located just south of Spring Hill Drive on US 41. It is a small blue house with the two smokers set up outside. There is a large pile of cut firewood. The dining area is a small building and a few tables outside.

Coffee Barn Roasted to Perfection


The magical, dark brown elixir that jump-starts our day in practically every time zone is a ritual well entrenched in our daily lives. So, if you’re going to meet someone for coffee, you should rendezvous at The Coffee Barn and Bakery, an independently operated coffee shop in Brooksville that offers hand-roasted coffee and delicious bakes.
Daniel Pritz, 24, who co-owns The Coffee Barn and Bakery with his wife, Darby, is dedicated to serving that perfectly brewed cup of joe.

All onboard the Breakfast Station Restaurants


The original Breakfast Station opened in 1995. It has steadily grown and there are now nine breakfast stations in the area. There are two in Hernando County: one in Brooksville at 1242 South Broad St in the Winn-Dixie shopping center on the truck bypass and another in Spring Hill at 8405 Northcliffe Blvd on Northcliffe Blvd near US 19. The name Breakfast Station is fitting since the restaurants use a train motif in their decor.


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