Wraps Mexican Grill: a local answer to Moe's or Chipotles

Wraps Mexican Grill

Just before Moe's, the first chain fast casual mexican restaurant in Hernando County opened, a local fast casual mexican restaurant opened on US 19. The restaurant is Wrap's Mexican Grill and their specialty is the grilled burrito.

This location is currently the only Wrap's location, but but they are planning to grow. They're looking to expand either in Pasco or on SR 50.

The burritos come with your choice of meats and toppings. You can choose from an assortment of meats: steak, shredded beef, seasoned ground beef, pork carnitas, chicken and veggies.

Luigi’s Pizza excellent Italian Food


Luigi’s Pizza is an unpretentious restaurant next to Bud Mckethan Park in Brooksville. They offer pizzas, pastas, seafood, sandwiches, and more.

Luigi’s Pizza has been run by the Kirshy family since 1970. They started in a storefront up the road a bit and after a few years moved to their present location. They have been in their present location for around 30 years.

Carolina’s Cuban Cafe


Carolina’s Cuban Cafe is in the Silverthorn Plaza at the corner of Powell and Barclay. They are open for lunch and dinner and they serve excellent cuban fare. They offer a number of options for under ten dollars.

The owners Lissette and Juan Escobar are from Havana, Cuba. They left Cuba around 25 years ago. I spoke with their daughter Carolina.Lissette was the cook in her family. When they had a family reunion everyone wanted her to cook.

La Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant


La Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant is tucked out of the way on Shoal Line Boulevard right where the road makes a couple sharp turns. It is slightly north of the Weeki Wachee River.

The dining room is darkened to provide an intimate setting. The decor is old world Italian with Italian music softly playing. The food is excellent. They carry the usual Italian favorites of pizza and pasta. They also have more unique fare.

Pee Wee's Knock Out BBQ


A popular quest is to look for great barbecue. One of the best ways to do this is to follow your nose. Tasty barbecue can be found simply by driving down the road and stopping when you smell the sweet smoke of burning wood mixed with the slow cooking aroma of food.

That was how we found Pee Wee’s Knockout BBQ, a food truck usually located a little south of the Big Lots shopping center on US 41. We had driven past a number of times, but on that day the wood smoke hooked us.

Wood Fire Pizza from the Hot Box Pizza Truck


The Hot Box Pizza Truck grew out of a backyard project. The owner Eric Bates planned to build a oven in his backyard but instead he chose to put a wood fired oven in a truck and make it a business. He bought an authentic wood fired oven imported from Italy rather than build one himself. The oven can cook an authentic neapolitan pizza in as little 90 seconds at more than 800 degrees. You never know where those backyard projects will lead.


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