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At the Car Wash

Weeki Washee Car Wash - "Your car will never want to leave"

Stephen Gillespie finishes cleaning the interior of Michael Smith’s Mercedes at the Weeki Washee Car Wash.

They take very good care of cars here,” said Michael Smith of CTSGraphics, a regular at the Weeki Washee Car Wash on Cortez Boulevard.

He proudly pointed over to his vehicle being towel dried by car wash staff — a large black Mercedes SUV, gleaming as brightly in the sun as the day it left the factory.

High Tea Ritual, a unique and uplifting experience

Not only has the herbal blend become a popular daily beverage associated with hospitality, sipped leisurely and shared with convivial company, it is said to bring on warm and serene feelings.

The Tilted Teacup Tea Room uses only china cups, saucers and teapots for their Afternoon Tea sittings.

It’s been several centuries since the English first began the tradition of serving tea as a welcome for visitors or for celebrating important occasions. Nowadays, demand for the herbal beverage is a fast-growing trend in the US — even though it’s more for the iced variety rather than hot tea.

That is changing though as more and more Americans are beginning to appreciate the “ritual” of Afternoon Tea.

When’s it time to give up the keys?

Matthew Dolman

We often hear stories and handle cases of people who were cut off or rear ended by elderly drivers. Sometimes it leads to injuries, sometimes it doesn’t. But it can be a risk for both parties involved.

Elderly driving is a sensitive subject; we understand that completely. People who have lived a long life, fought in international wars, raised an entire generation, and took care of us younger people our whole lives deserve respect. They deserve independence and freedom. After all, if you flew a jet in Vietnam or ran your own business for 50 years, you can probably operate a car.

Vintage Treasures

The Worn Door offers vintage home decor and re-inspired pieces of the past

Leslie Exterkamp, right, with Jessica Denmark, left, with in the main showroom of The Worn Door Vintage Market located in Winchester Plaza, off US19.

Leslie Exterkamp adores old furniture.

“The craftsmanship is superb,” she said “It is amazing to see the quality of work back then to what we see nowadays,” she explained.

Exterkamp “rehabilitates” furniture and — beginning Jan. 7 — is holding classes at her newly opened vintage market to teach the public the techniques she and her assistant Jessica Denmark use to revitalize those old, beautiful pieces of furniture.

Pesky Critters

Meet Johnny Loose, an experienced professional in the removal, exclusion of nuisance wildlife

The noises started about 6 weeks after I moved in to my new house,” said Susan Malcolmson of Spring Hill. There was scrabbling in the walls and lots of thumping high up in the vaulted ceiling. Trouble was, she had no idea what kind of critter was up there.

“I was dreading it could be rats nesting,” she said.

So she called in Advanced Wildlife Services of Brooksville to investigate. The owner of Advanced Wildlife Services is Johnny Loose, 57, a pest control technician as they are called these days.

The Perfect Fit

Tailor, Emilio Moncada, pins the sleeves on Robert Sullivan’s dinner jacket to the correct length.

What man or woman hasn’t rummaged in the closet for something to wear only to find an alarming number of rarely — or never worn clothes, and some still with the price tags on?

What do we do with them? Stuff them in a bin bag and take them to the thrift store or perhaps sell them on eBay? Not an option when those ill-fitting fashion faux pas have cost us a pretty penny.

Funny Business

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of corny the clown.

Corny the Clown, aka Sandra Sells, 68, of Brooksville along with fellow clown Bongo, smile for the camera at a recent charity event in Pasco County.

Corny the Clown has deep rosy circles of makeup on each cheek; her nose is a pert, red circle dusted with gold and silver glitter and her hair is a halo of golden spirals. Bright red lips accentuate a huge smile and her hat is perched precariously atop her head.

She is instantly funny and friendly, attractive and alluring all at once.

Meet Sandra Sells aka Corny the Clown. She loves making people laugh and sharing her laughter with others.

Let the fun begin


Bulldogs staying at Panacea Pet Resort

Family and friends in York, England thought the Owen family was losing its mind when they announced they were leaving the UK to buy a business in the U.S. It had always been husband and wife Roger and Barbara Owen’s plan to buy a boarding kennel in the UK but when their daughter Claire found land and kennels for sale in the U.S., they immediately jumped on the possibility.


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