Preparing for hurricane season: Backing up your computer



Hurricane season is almost here, so it is a good time to think about computer backups. Backups are usually out of mind until you need them and then it is too late. If you have set up a backup, verify that you can restore a file. It is quite common to go to the backup and find them completely blank.

With New Computer Lab, The Arc Educational Center to provide Technology Training for Clients

by Julie Maglio

The Arc Nature Coast now has a new computer lab thanks to the Kiwanis of Spring Hill and Kiwanis Florida Foundation. Godfrey Eason of Kiwanis Spring Hill applied and was approved for a matching grant from the Kiwanis Florida Foundation. Each of the two organizations contributed $5,000.00 for the purchase of computer equipment. They now have a state of the art media room, complete with 12 computer stations, 3 lap tops, an integrated printer and a large screen computer with a wireless keyboard.

The end of Radio Shack?



It seems like the end of the line for Radio Shack. It sales have been declining for the past few years. Bloomberg has reported that "RadioShack is reportedly considering the sale of half of its stores to Sprint and then closing the rest." It is also reported that Amazon is interested in purchasing some of the stores.

This will affect us here in Hernando as we currently have three Radio Shack stores.

Beware of Ransomware


One of the resurgent threats on the web is ransomware. These programs will encrypt files on your hard drive and demand a ransom to send you a key to decrypt them. You either send bit coins or money to an address usually in Russia or Eastern Europe. If you pay the ransom you may receive a key to unlock your files. It is typical for many of these programs double the ransom if you wait a few days.



There are three ways to have high speed internet. You can get high speed Internet via cable, telephone, and cell phone. The issue is in many areas you only have one provider of high speed internet and rarely more than a few. This means that there is no real competition. Their monopoly was built with the help of the government. Counties and municipalities signed exclusive franchise agreements with cable companies. Phone companies provided lines with numerous government incentives including the Universal Service Fund.