Artful Possibilities Makes Brooksville Home

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Wed, 02/15/2017 - 9:36am

Artful Possibilities Makes Brooksville Home

February 15, 2017 - 09:36

photography by Elizabeth Dentato

A source of creativity and art for over 4 years, Artful Possibilities was originally located in Spring Hill, but recently made the move to 414 E. Liberty St., in Brooksville. They had their grand opening on February 4th at the new location.

Michelle Margotta, the owner of Artful Possibilities, grew up in a ceramic business and has been painting ever since she was little. Her interest in painting grew, and she actually published 6 books on decorative painting in the ‘90s.

“They were all my own original designs, and then I would draw them up, send them to the publisher, write the whole book, do the patterns...”

She did that for a few years and worked in various areas, but later down the road decided to open Artful Possibilities because she missed teaching.

“I like to teach. I like to help other people find their creativity and get it out on the canvas… so that’s why I ended up opening Artful Possibilities,” she explained.

At the new location, upon entering the building, visitors are welcomed by the warm accents of the interior decor and a great deal of natural light. Brightly and beautifully decorated canvases provide splashes of color and show a variety of subjects - from mermaids to scarecrows. The peaceful atmosphere that one feels in the studio pairs perfectly with painting.

In the foyer, displayed in the hallway, are the projects that will be featured in upcoming classes with tags that show visitors how much the class is and when it takes place (using that information, you can register for that event in person or online). Artful Possibilities welcomes families and has family fun nights, kids classes, and also adult only classes.

Michelle emphasized that this is all about fun and enjoying the experience and explained that for individuals who might be nervous about drawing the subjects, they have templates that can be put onto the canvas to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

“What I tell people here, is that I’m going to be with you through this whole experience and it’s about having a good time. And I’ve been teaching for so many years… that I know what they need to be successful.”

She also went on to detail how her class is structured. She said that she explains what she’s about to do and demonstrates it, and the finishes the step quickly so she can walk around the class and offer feedback or assistance.

“I just try to coach them and put them at ease.” She later added, “And I’m about pulling creativity out of people more so than saying, ‘this is right, this is wrong.’ ”

To the left is the gift shop (where you can buy paintings) and ceramic selection room. Shelves along the wall hold a wide range of figures to paint, including, unicorns, rabbits, and many more.

Michelle explained that she is always looking for the newest products, “... so that every time someone comes in, there’s something new for them to see. They’re not seeing the same old thing all the time.”

For many of the ceramics, patrons will use acrylic paints and are able to take their piece home the same day, after adding a finishing touch of glitter (if desired) or sealer. Some pieces are functional (like cups, plates, etc.). Functional pieces are painted with a specific type of paint and then fired in the kiln.

But Artful Possibilities offer more than just opportunities to paint ceramics or canvases. There are also classes that are offered to learn how to do coloring, paint a couch pillow, along with the occasional, “Crafty Chix Night,” which offer several projects to work on.

Michelle’s passion and desire to teach and share art with people was easy to see.

“What inspires me is I want to bring something different to my guests, so they can get out and create and get excited. I don’t want everything to be the same old same old. I want them to see something different once in awhile that they get excited about,” she said. “I think what inspires me is just that, I like to keep things fresh. I like to try different things and I also like to put it out there and see. It’s fun for me to see the excitement when I put it out there on Facebook or something.” She went on to explain that there are certain subjects or paintings that people enjoy or look forward to more than others.

“So, for me, you know, it might sound corny or whatever, but to me, this is my heart and soul all over this place.”

Artful Possibilities is closed on Mondays, but are open for walk-ins Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 11am to 4pm, Thursday 11am to 8pm, and Sunday 1pm to 4pm (which are their newly added hours). Their number is 352-600-7904. To view their upcoming classes and register, you can head over to their website at: