Bargain Hunter’s Heaven

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Bargain Hunter’s Heaven

September 02, 2017 - 10:00
Way Classy Consignment store provides a way to sell clothes and accessories for you. Selling clothes this way can help you clear out your closet and make a profit.

Staci Way’s success story began when she was in her teens. Way, the owner of Way Classy Consignment on Spring Hill Drive, said she was just 15 years old, in High School, and determined, “I would not have to get a summer job.”

“Instead, my High School summers were spent making happy memories with me and my mom browsing yard sales and thrift store shelves for 25 and 50 cent clothing and collectibles.”

Way would then consign her purchases to a store in Brooksville or advertise them on eBay and earn money every week instead of working a summer job at minimum wage.
“I was able to make my car payment and save some to buy my own home,” she said.

Those memories were so strong that Way knew then she wanted to open a shop of her own. Now, she does.

“Of course, I studied as well,” she said. “But, even back then, I knew one day I would have my own business,” she said. “I asked my mom if she wanted to do it with me but she said she wanted me to have something I could call my own but she would help me in lots of other ways.”

Way was 23 years old when she took the leap toward her own business.

“I was feeling very confident so I applied for all my licenses and Tax ID and I didn’t tell anyone,” she said. “I had even chosen my business name — Way Classy,” she said. “A play on my last name.”

Way started looking for the perfect retail space and gave herself a month to outfit and stock her shop before opening.

“Filling a whole shop was a bit scary, but I had been stockpiling my finds in my home in anticipation of opening a shop,” she said.

Anyone doubting the widespread popularity of shopping for gently used, name-brand clothes need look no further than Way Classy Consignment. Way, now 38 years old, has been doing this for 15 years and very successfully.

With very little effort, anyone can turn their unwanted things into some cash. There’s probably lots of perfectly good items around your house that you simply don’t need or want anymore. Consignment shops will sell them for you in exchange for splitting the profit. It’s an easy and painless way to clear out your house.

It works like this: Consignors bring their items to Way Classy Consignment. If the items sell, the consignor receives an agreed percentage of the selling price. If certain items like designer bags, furniture and jewelry don’t sell, then consignors can take those items back. Other items can be donated. For the loan of floor space, promotion and sales help, consignors receive a percentage of the selling price without the hassle of advertising, strangers coming to your home or just giving your stuff away.

Kara Hazivasilivis, of Brooksville, is a regular consignor with Way Classy Consignment. “I have been bringing items of clothing here for a long time now,” she said. “I can make some money on clothes I no longer wear and make room for new clothes in my closet.”

Way accepts home decor items such as tables, dressers, lamps and pictures as well as costume jewelry, women’s brand-name apparel and designer handbags and shoes.
“But it be just any old thing hanging in the closet,” Way said. “I’m looking for upscale things or designer pieces because that’s what my customers want,” she said.
Much of the clothing and accessories that fill Way’s shop has barely been worn and some still have their original price tags.

“I have such good customers who consign with me,” said Way. “They know to bring quality, name-brand items that are ready to go out on the floor.”

“I have stuff that comes in and goes out the same day,” she said. “It’s the home decor items and designer handbags that are my best sellers — like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Coach.”

Like all consignment shop owners, Way gets excited when she discovers something really special.

“I get a lot of authentic jewelry items like Le Vian diamond earrings and rings,” said Way.

When you step into Way Classy Consignment, be prepared to spend some time browsing. Way has created an enticing space for her customers. Apart from the designer clothes and accessories, there’s sculptures, paintings and distinctive pieces of furniture. Smaller items include lamps, candlesticks, silver photo frames and glassware.
Way Classy Con-signment is a treasure trove of excellent-quality home decor, clothing and accessories.

Way makes sure her customers are able to shop at reasonable prices and also able to sell items that they may no longer need that are just wasting in their closet.
“This is my baby,” said Way, “I eat, bleed and breathe this store.”


Semi Annual Bag Sale

Saturday, Sept, 2, 2017 | 08:30 a.m.
till everything gone!

Way Classy Parking Lot, 10528 Spring Hill Dr.

Come fill bag of clothing for $5.
All shoes, jewelry and handbags will be $1 Waffles & Things food truck will offer delicious food. 50 percent off items in the store