Brianna Goble continues her recovery

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Brianna Goble continues her recovery

November 08, 2017 - 00:29
Brianna Goble, will need to wear a neck brace for at least 8 weeks. Photo via Facebook

18-year-old Brianna Goble was shot on October 5th at the Spring Haven Apartments. The bullet struck her in the face, and exited from the back of her neck. Being called a miracle, she was released from the hospital on October 19th, and continues to recover at home with her mother, Karen Dove. Karen posted the following on Facebook on October 25th.

“So we just left the neurosurgeon this morning and we are not in the clear yet. The bullet broke off the left side of her top 2 vertebrae while fracturing the 3rd vertebrae and the remaining pieces of 1 & 2.. missing her brain stem by only millimeters -- Thank God. She will be in the brace for a minimum of 8 weeks while they see if her body will begin to heal on it's own. If not, they will need to screw a steel plate to the bottom of her skull and a rod down her neck leaving her unable to bend or twist her neck .. if that is needed. Keep praying for her strength and God's healing power. The update from a visit to the oral surgeon held good news. "We visited the oral surgeon last week and we will not be requiring jaw surgery!! Yay!!!! The bone that damaged didnt break or fracture the jaw and they do not want to shave it down as she will lose even more bone. So we wait. Wait for the gums to regenerate and heal so we can begin our process with the dentist to replace those missing teeth. Each day is a better day."

A donation page has been set up by a family member to offset the out-of-pocket expenses for Brianna’s care and a fundraiser was recently held at Rookies Bar and Grill.
The shooting suspect has been in custody since October 6th. The motive is still not known.

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