Citrus season is upon us

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Citrus season is upon us

October 10, 2017 - 04:36
Hancock groves just over Pasco countly line

Fall means Oranges are in season in Florida. We have oranges year round in the grocery stores thanks to fruit from other areas, but food that has traveled so far is usually lacking in taste.

There are still local groves where you can enjoy liquid sunshine. Boyett's Grove & Citrus Attraction sells oranges from their groves and many other items. They also sell trees in case you want to grow your own citrus. Boyett's also has a zoo where you can feed the animals. Boyett's is located on Spring Lake Highway a little south of state road 50 at 4355 Spring Lake Hwy.

If you want a pure citrus experience you can try Hancock Groves just over the line in pasco county. Hancock Groves is located at 31107 Blanton Rd and they open in the middle of October.

One of the first oranges that are available are the satsuma tangerines, which start being harvested in September. In October, Navel and Valencia oranges harvest begins. The grapefruits ripen later usually between December and May.

Short cold snap makes the oranges sweeter. If the weather stays too cold for too long, it can kill the fruit and even the trees, but a little cold makes the best oranges.
In Florida, we can taste fruit that is fresh off the tree. If you have never tasted fresh citrus, you should definitely do so.