Create your very own fairy tale: Rapunzla

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Create your very own fairy tale: Rapunzla

August 05, 2017 - 09:48

by HANNA FOX, Age 12

There once was a kingdom named Corona. It was a beautiful island. Inside the walls of Corona the queen was having a baby girl. But the queen was getting really sick. The king could not find a cure for this sickness. He searched every corner of his library. Then he found this tiny book stuffed away. The king looked in the book and he finally found a cure. It was for a fruit which was scarce. Ezra, the awful witch coveted the fruit. So the king took his 5 best men to look for the fruit. They looked for a week before they found the fruit. The word had gotten to witch Ezra that the king had found the fruit to save his wife and daughter. That night the princess was born. But the only weird thing about Princess Rapunzla is she was born with armpit hair. That night after everyone went to bed, Ezra snuck into the castle and took Rapunzla to keep her looking young, as her armpit hair was enchanted by the rare fruit.

The next morning the king and queen awoke and infant princess Rapunzla was gone. They searched everywhere for 11 years but she wasn’t anywhere to be found. By then they had 5 kids so what was the point in looking for Repunzla anymore.

But there was one place they didn’t look…

Far away from Corona in the middle of the dead forest was a huge tower. Inside the tower was a little girl who was about 12 years old with long armpit hair. She often was lonely, her only friend was Cammie short for Camille the Chameleon. Her favorite thing to do was braid her extremely long armpit hair. At night Ezra would say, ‘Rapunzla, Rapunzla let down your armpit hair.’ Once Ezra got into the castle, Rapunzla would ask how did I get up here, Ezra would say I found you in a tiny bundle on the side of the road with a ton of armpit hair so I took you to my tower to grow up.

One day Rapunzla heard a shout from below, ‘Rapunzla, Rapunzla let down your armpit hair,’ so she let down her armpit hair like usual. But this time she pulled up a man which was definitely not Ezra. Rapunzla ran as fast as she could to the closest item, which just happened to be a frying pan, and hit him square in the face. She paced up and down the room trying to think what to do. About an hour later he woke up. Rapunzla took the frying pan and tried to slam him on the head again but he yelled, “Let me explain why I am here before you knock me out again.” She said fine but be quick. My name is Flint and I stumbled across this tower. He told her that he heard there was a lost princess named Rapunzla with long armpit hair and he thought it might be her, locked up in the witch’s tower. He even asked if she wanted to go to the city of Corona with him but she said no. Just then she heard, ‘Rapunzla, Rapunzla let down your armpit hair,’ and she let out a little scream. She had to think up a plan fast. She told Flint to grab her armpit hair and jump out the back. Once he had jumped out the back she brought her hair to Ezra who climbed up and asked why it took so long. Rapunzla replied, “My hair got stuck on something.”

Two nights later, Flint came back to kidnap Rapunzla in the dead of night. This time he was ready for anything. He was wearing a metal suit if Rapunzla tried to knock him out.
Flint threw a rope to the window and kidnapped her. The next morning Rapunzla awoke having no clue where she was. Then she saw Flint right next to her and she screamed so loud that Flint swore that the dead could hear her. That same second Rapunzla started shaking him and asking him where she was. Flint thought to himself this is definitely a new technique of torture. Finally he pulled himself away from her and told her, “We are going to travel east today and stop around Kingsland and stay in this really nice bar. It is only twenty miles from Corona.” Then he stopped to look at Rapunzla who was still fuming over getting kidnapped. She argued and argued over the fact that she wanted to go back to her tower. But Flint worked his charm and she finally was convinced to go with him, so they set off. The one thing Rapunzla had to overcome was always wanting to strangle Flint because he would not shut up. One period in the trip she took her stinky sweaty armpit hair and wrapped it around his mouth but that did not work. Finally, they arrived at the bar and they were immediately surrounded by Ezra’s henchmen. Fortunately, right underneath, where they were standing was a trapdoor. They jumped inside and disappeared into a cave. Immediately it started to fill up with water and they did not know what to do. It was pitch black in the cave, but miraculously, Rapunzla’s armpit hair started to glow. On the other side of the cave, they spotted another trapdoor so they started swim towards it. Flint opened the trapdoor and they were spit out into the ocean surrounding Corona.

Suddenly, as they bobbed in the ocean, a flash of light hit them and they were transported back to the tower with Ezra glaring at them. The witch took a knife from her pocket and stabbed Flint. Then she turned to Rapunzla and said, what did you do? “I ran away from you, I am bored of being your slave”. Then, Rapunzla took the knife right out of Ezra’s hand and made her tell the truth of her birth. When she was done telling the story, Rapunzla tied her up with her armpit hair and turned to Flint. She started to cry, her tears started to heal Flint! Then Flint took the knife and shaved all Rapunzla armpit hair. At once, Ezra shriveled up into a really old lady.

They returned to the castle with Ezra and went straight to the king and queen of Corona and their court. Rapunzla said, “I am Rapunzla, with me is wicked witch Ezra and my friend Flint, and this is my pet chameleon Cammie”. This witch has imprisoned me for 12 years and Flint has saved me from this wicked beast…... there was a murmur in the crowd. That day was the best day of Rapunzla’s life and Ezra was locked away in her tower without any armpit hair!!!! That night they had a lantern festival and a giant party.


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