Hernando County School District LEGISLATIVE PLATFORM & PRIORITIES 2017-2018 Session (2nd Draft)

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Tue, 10/17/2017 - 11:42pm

Hernando County School District LEGISLATIVE PLATFORM & PRIORITIES 2017-2018 Session (2nd Draft)

October 17, 2017 - 23:42

The Hernando County School Board hereby requests increased state funding in the following areas:

Priority Needs

1. Transportation:

• (2018) Support efforts to increase student safety and transportation funding by basing funding formulas on two students per seat instead of three students per seat.
• (2018) Provide additional FTE (full time equivalent) funding that would allow students, living within the 2 miles radius of
the school, to be transported by school bus.

2. Teacher Recruitment:

• (2018) Increase funding for recruitment of teachers. Small districts are disadvantaged and unable to expand recruitment efforts.
• (2018) Reduce the cost of mandatory professional certification exams for all potential educators.
• (2018) Offer forgivable loans and service scholarships to cover training costs in high quality undergraduate or graduate programs for those who will teach in a high need field for four years.
• (2018) Create career pathways and “Grow Your Own” programs by recruiting and supporting high school students and community members.
• (2018) Establish teacher residency models that will provide paid, year-long apprenticeships with expert mentor teachers while candidates complete coursework and certifications.

3. Facilities:

• (2018) Provide adequate funding in the general fund to operate and maintain our schools and assets.

4. Transportation:

• (2018) Support increased flexibility in defining hazardous walking conditions based on local needs.

5. Technology:

• (2018) Increase funding to districts sufficient for technology upgrades, maintenance and modernizing of the network and systems in order to provide robust technology information and instructional systems.

6. Career & Technical Education:

• (2018) Allow districts greater flexibility in using Add-On FTE earned from Industry Certification.

7. Workforce Development:

• (2018) Recognizing that workforce development is an integral way for Hernando County to close social and economic disparities, stimulate economic growth, and increase prosperity, and that Hernando County Adult Education has completed the required accreditation process and is now actively seeking Federal Financial Aid, maintain funding for Hernando County Adult Education programs at current levels.
• (2018) Restore the $4.5 million in performance-based funding (eliminated during the 2017 legislative session) to the Florida Department of Education enabling postsecondary workforce education programs to continue offering robust opportunities for students.

8. Student Support Services:

• (2018) Restore the per/student funding level provided through the ESE Guaranteed Allocation to prerecession levels.
• (2018) Expand our Mental Health program to the High School level called Project Seahorse (Healing Opportunities and Resources in Secondary Education).

9. Pre-kindergarten Education:

• (2018) Provide additional funding to advance early educational learning opportunities for young students.

10. Federal Programs:

• (2018) Title I: Restore Title I funding flexibility to school districts.

• (2018) Title II: Reinstate Title II funding to 2016 levels to ensure students have access to high-quality teaching. These funds are used to improve student outcomes through professional learning, mentoring new teachers, certification, evaluation systems, school level instructional coaches and recruitment and retention of high quality educators and supporting programs and staff essential to
excellent teaching and learning.