How Spring Hill has grown since 1967

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How Spring Hill has grown since 1967

August 01, 2017 - 15:58

Deltona Corp Marketing  Materials provided by Patricia McNeese, Hernando County Planning Dept.

Spring Hill was part of a push to provide affordable housing to the masses. The Deltona Corporation developed a number of communities that provided low cost housing throughout the state of Florida including Key Biscayne, Marco Island, and the Deltona community. The Deltona Corporation was run by the Mackle Brothers who were well known real estate developers.

Spring Hill’s original birthday was held at the waterfall. Thousands attended the grand opening on April 30, 1967. The representatives of Deltona, the three Mackle Brothers: Frank Jr., Elliot and Robert cut the ribbon. On the three flag poles at the waterfall, the flags of the United States, Florida, and the Mackle Brothers were raised.
The original Spring Hill master plan had significant detail. In a time where many development consisted solely of the minimum detail, which was roads, drainage, and lots, the Spring Hill master plan contained plans for a community. The original master plan included 15,000 acres, it had seven school sites, 23 church sites, 500 acres of commercial property, and 2 golf courses. This level of land use planning was uncommon at the time.

The original property used for the development had twenty (mostly spring fed) lakes throughout the property. This area has clean clear water as it is feed by the same source as Weeki Wachee Springs.

Spring Hill Drive and Commercial Way April 25, 1967 courtesy of Janet Croft

The working name of the development was Spring Lake, but as that was an active nearby town, the name of Spring Hill was chosen. Spring Hill was the name of the town that grew up around the Lykes home at the corner of Citrus Way and Fort Dade Avenue. By 1967, the town of Spring Hill was mostly historical, the Lykes Home still stands as do several cemeteries.

The original development had 28,500 platted lots which were “essentially sold out in three years” according to Frank E. Mackle III. Many of these lots we not built on until later.
The development of Spring Hill was never incorporated, so it does not have well defined borders. There is a census-designated place (CDP) that is used to monitor Spring Hill’s growth. In 2010 the census listed the population of the Spring Hill area as 98,621 people, this marked 43% growth from the 2000 census. In 1980, the census listed the population of Spring Hill as 6,468 residents.

Spring Hill Drive and Commercial Way, Google Earth

Spring Hill is noteworthy for its growth. It now contains more than half of the county’s population and many of the businesses. Just over 50 years ago Spring Hill was an idea and since then has grown by leaps and bounds.

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