Natalie Kahler to challenge Jeff Holcomb for District 4 seat

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Tue, 10/24/2017 - 9:39pm

Natalie Kahler to challenge Jeff Holcomb for District 4 seat

October 24, 2017 - 21:39
 Natalie Kahler is currently a  Brooksville City Council Member

On Monday, October 16th, Brooksville City Council Member Natalie Kahler announced her candidacy for Hernando County Commissioner - District 4. Introduced by Commissioner Wayne Dukes, who “wholeheartedly endorses” Kahler, she addressed a crowd from the front walk of the historic courthouse.

On her last four years as a Brooksville City Council Member (which included a year as Mayor), Kahler told the audience that community service was personally important to her. She said “A government closest to its people - that’s what’s best.” She added, “The things that we do at City Hall, the things that we do in county commission absolutely impact you the moment those decisions are made.”

One of Kahler’s achievements while on City Council was the blocking of Southwest Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) from moving their headquarters from Brooksville. She, Commissioner Diane Rowden and Commissioner Jim Adkins spoke to board members and executives and convinced them to keep the headquarters in Brooksville. “The community prospered because elected officials were working together,” Kahler said.

Citing several other successes while on City Council, Kahler said she realized that the next step of her journey is to run for County Commissioner. Kahler’s opponent, Jeff Holcomb will be the incumbent candidate who Kahler supported during his election. “Politics isn’t about who you like or don’t like, it’s about the vision that you’re presenting to the community … it’s about who Hernando County decides they want representing them.”

Ms. Kahler’s stance on some issues can be found on her public Facebook page, @natalieannkahler. Several stances are included below.


“In financial squeezes, governments often only consider 2 options: cut services or raise taxes. My 3rd option: be creative in offering them.”

“Government money is the people's money. Nothing should be wasted and no budget line considered "too small" to be of concern.”


“As the Adventure Coast, we must have smart growth while maintaining the natural beauty of our county.”

“Water is one of the most challenging subjects for Florida government. For water-rich areas like Hernando, we must wisely safeguard our resources while exploring more opportunities for reuse.”

Government Reform

“Government is not the solution to America's problem, its people are. Government functions best when it empowers residents and businesses.”

“My family has always believed the transparency fosters health and growth - whether in families, communities or government.”