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PHSC Athletics | Basketball   

October 24, 2016 - 08:59
PHSC Michael Jones observes his players during the scrimmage game against Trinity Saturday afternoon. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

PHSC Athletics | Basketball   
It is the beginning of basketball season for state colleges.  
The Pasco-Hernando State College Basketball team recorded 17 wins and 10 losses last year. Michael Jones is the head coach.  Jones is an HHS graduate and earned his AA degree at PHSC.  He has been coaching the basketball team since 2012.
For two year state colleges, the challenge for any coach is the two year rotation of athletes.  There are eight freshmen and six sophomores on the roster for the 2016/2017 season.  The coaching staff must get to know each player's strengths and weaknesses and their best fit position.

PHSC Wilchadson Charmant attempts to block Alex Fraizer during the scrimmage game against Trinity. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Having scrimmage games helps Jones determine that best fit, build upon pre-existing talent and   gives players the opportunity to expand on ability.  
“These games don’t count; we’re playing to see where everyone is at. It gives everyone time to work on things. We want to see who can do what,” Jones said.
The scrimmage game against Trinity was intense. PHSC lost by one point: 79-80, but it was a learning experience.  
“We have a lot of young guys that have to learn, they have to get more games under their belt too. The more they play, they will get better game after game,” Jones said. “It’s my fourth year (coaching the team). I’ve played here.  I am used to the environment. It’s getting the new generation acclimated to it, " explained Jones.
Springstead High's Michael Flores is a familiar player on the roster this year.  He is starting his freshman year.  Other freshmen on the team include Ladarius Walden, Adley Eliacin, Cedric Perry, Kendall Hicks, Elijah Mcghie and Wilchadson Charmant.
Sophomores include Chris Copeland from Nature Coast Tech, Dylan Bailey from Hernando High, Gabriel Steele, Destin Dunton, Charles Isaac and Edin Spijodic.
PHSC has their last scrimmage game on Wednesday the 26th on St. Leo’s court.  After that their season begins facing Job Corp at 7pm November 2 at home.
Home games are at PHSC 10230 Ridge Road New Port Richey, FL.  
More information and upcoming schedule

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