PHSC Basketball: building character, self esteem and confidence

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PHSC Basketball: building character, self esteem and confidence

January 22, 2017 - 11:55
PHSC Gabriel Steele seeks teammates to set up for an offense play duirng the game against Job Corp Thursday Night. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

PSHC Basketball team is towards the end of their season. There are seven games left in the season and the team must pull off 5 wins to qualify for the District 10 tournament being held in Petersburg, Virginia.  Coach
Jones feels that with practice and hard work, the Conquistadors will reach this goal.

Destin Dustin drives in for 2 points as Job Corp's Artahgus Williams attempts to block. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

“Building their character, building that self-esteem, building that confidence and then putting that into action in the game... This is the part of the season when we want to gel,” said Head Coach Michael Jones. “We are 8-11 now. They feel confident. They are winning, so they just need to keep it up game by game.”
After the Holiday Break Sophomore Guard Gabriel Steele returned from injury and hit the court for the first time of the season. Facing Hillsborough on December 8, PHSC lost 83-76, but took on a winning streak for the next five games.
Jan 4 State College of Florida, 89-84
Jan 7 Oxford Emory, 76-57
Jan 12 at Florida College JV, 119-76
Jan 17 Trinity College, 77-72
Jan 19 Job Corp, 102-61
“I hate sitting out for one and injuries make it worse knowing that I can’t go out there,” Steele said.
With the team having a sense of confidence and self-esteem it seems the possibilities are open for the Conquistadors. Steele has been averaging 12 points per game while Charles Isaac has been averaging  21 points and Destin Dustin over 15 points per game.  Forwards Dylan Bailey and Wilchadson Charmant dominate the rebounds and Adley Eliacin is 3.0 on assists per field goal.  

Wilchadson Charmant slam dunks against Job Corp Thursday Night. Photo by Alice Mary Herden

“We got some pretty good players, they score…they pass… they do it all,” Steele said.
Last season, the total points per game was 87.  Currently, the team's total point per game average is 82.
PSHC plays Ava Marie University on Jan 22 and then Webber on the 28th before heading up to North Carolina on Feb. 1 to face Pitt Community College in Greenville and then Vance Grandville Community College in Henderson on Feb. 2.
“I never take any team for granted; you just never know how we start out,” Jones said.  “Once we start to get beyond that and go back to North Carolina, those are the teams they have to play to qualify for the tournament.  Those games are going to seal the deal for us.”
“I think they should be ready, as long as they come to play they will be fine,” Jones said.