Providence Blvd project waiting on Peck Sink watershed study

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Thu, 08/31/2017 - 9:41am

Providence Blvd project waiting on Peck Sink watershed study

August 31, 2017 - 09:41
Aerial showing Providence Blvd penciled in running adjacent to Cortez, acting as a frontage road; from Amended Agenda-August 21, 2017 Council Agenda Packet

Cliff Manuel, Coastal Engineering, spoke to the Brooksville city council on the Providence Blvd project which would create a frontage road for businesses and properties along Cortez Blvd including Suncoast Credit Union, Tractor Supply, Sims Furniture and the Post Office.

There is property acquisition involved in the project so it has not moved forward for a number of years. Mr. Manuel explained that the project would encourage commercial infill in that area.

“What it’s designed to do along the SR 50 corridor… is to create a mechanism for businesses to develop along the corridor, increase the number of rooftops for businesses- commercial in particular...” he said.

It’s a $2.4 million project, not including land acquistion costs to construct the roadway from SR 50 to Emerald Springs Blvd. The project includes the cost of water, sewer and drainage infrastructure.

The project has been around a decade, maybe more said Mr. Manuel, with discussion of the project beginning the 80’s.

He also explained that currently the project is permitted with DEP for water and sewer improvements, approved by the city of Brooksville but “water management district permits are still pending because they haven’t adopted the new watershed study for Peck Sink and it looks like it will not be adopted for another two of three months before we can actually rely on that data for the drainage system.” He said that it would be wasteful to develop the drainage engineering based on current flood maps, when it is likely to be changed in the near future.

A plan on how the project will be funded was not detailed.