Returning Airman surprises his son

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Returning Airman surprises his son

October 16, 2017 - 10:48
Air Force Staff Sergeant Dylan Anger made a surprise visit to greet his five year-old son, Daniel at J.D. Floyd K-8

It was an exciting day for a classroom of kindergartners at J.D. Floyd Elementary School when Air Force Staff Sergeant Dylan Anger made a surprise visit to greet his five year-old son, Daniel. Anger had just returned from a four month deployment to Qatar and Afghanistan.

Accompanying Sergeant Anger were his other sons - sixteen year-old Vincent, four year-old Odin and the boys' mother, Tamara.

Anger is in his seventh year as a career Air Force enlisted man. He is an avionics specialist stationed out of Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa.

Being a single mom to three active boys isn't an easy job for Tamara.

“Having three all starting new schools or school for the first time in general and reading the news about anything bad happening in the countries he was sent to was difficult,” Tamara states.

Now they will get to spend some time together for the next three months until Sergeant Anger gets another assignment.

Vincent, who attends Nature Coast Technical High School is planning a career in the military. Right now, Odin also wants to follow in his father's footsteps.

“I'm going to ride in an airplane with my Daddy,” Odin affirmed, proudly displaying the pilot's wings pinned to his shirt.

Family Reunion at JD Floyd K-8 From left to right: Vincent, Tamara, Daniel, Sgt. Dylan Anger and Odin

Tamara continues, “It's nice having my sounding board back. I always bounce everything off of him. He is my go-to guy for pretty much most decisions. He is a levelheaded clear thinker at all times. It's probably the military training that helps him always stay so calm. To look at everything and see all of the outcomes to make the best decision. He is an amazing man, father, and airman! I wouldn't trade him for anything.”

After the reunion, the family went out for pizza to celebrate the homecoming and enjoy “one-on-one daddy time,” as Tamara described it.

Something most families take for granted.