Spring Hill family misses their pup

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Spring Hill family misses their pup

October 19, 2017 - 00:19
Dom is brown-grey in color

submitted by Jennifer Wilkins

Let me tell you a little about Dom and our story...Dom was a Christmas gift for my husband. We had just lost our 12 year old Boxer to old age and he was wanting another boy. I saw Dom and fell in love with him at fist sight so I picked him up on Christmas Eve when he was 8 weeks old. Our entire family, including my husband fell just as much in love with him as I did. He immediately became part of our family. We live on 5 acres of land and have 2 yorkies and a horse. Dom loves it here. He plays with our horse and has a blast tormenting my yorkies. He loves to swim and run and play with his tree swing. He’s the sweetest most loving dog we’ve ever come across. His heart is huge as well as his energy level.

My husband was taking him to work with him when his schedule permitted. His buddy.

On Monday September 18th he had a hectic day and couldn’t take Dom. On the days he stayed home, we would lock our gate and he would hang out in our barn, screened porch or in the pool to cool down. We came home that day only to find Dom was missing. The gate was still locked, but no Dom and his collar was left in our driveway. We are confident he was stolen.

Since that dreadful day, we have spent every waking minute looking for Dom. When we aren’t at our jobs, we are hanging posters, talking to local businesses, driving around the neighborhood as well as outside the area, our Facebook posts have gone viral so we spend a lot of time responding to the thousands of questions. We look on Craig’s list daily, have his photo posted on every lost dog site we can find, we even filed a police report. We contact shelters, vets, and report him lost. They all have posters of him. We reported him lost to the website that he is chipped with in case someone tries to take him to the vet. We’ve done just about everything we can think of. We even consulted with a psychic and a dog PI. None of our efforts have produced our boy to be back home where he belongs. If you can help us we would be so grateful. Thank you for reading our story and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you
Jennifer Wilkins
Oaklawn Drive and
Bowman Road - Spring Hill