TreeUmph! Opening Delayed, will Continue to Pay Rent

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TreeUmph! Opening Delayed, will Continue to Pay Rent

November 10, 2017 - 01:30

The TreeUmph! adventure course’s grand opening has been delayed due to continuing cleanup after Hurricane Irma. TreeUmph! representatives, Aaron and Kathy Coor with the CSC Holding Group have requested their rent payments be deferred until Sept. 30, 2018 due to hurricane cleanup.

County Administrator Len Sossamon introduced the amendment to the current lease agreement at the Oct. 24, 2017 regular Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting. Aaron Coor appeared before the board with to request a second amendment to their lease agreement, which would defer CSC’s $48,000 lease payment until the end of September 2018, with 2% interest.

TreeUmph!’s rent for the first two years was $1.00. The year-three rent payments of $4,000 per month commenced on March 26, 2017, which have been and are current, according to Sossamon.

Sossamon asked the board to “give some consideration to this extension” and went on to explain that the VIP Grand Opening of the course planned for Sept. 23 was prevented due to a number of toppled trees. “It did look good prior to hurricane Irma going through,” Sossamon said of the walkthrough that he attended with other county officials.

Due to the cleanup efforts and repairs, TreeUmph! Is planning to open sometime between Nov. 18 and 23, 2017.

Commissioner Steve Champion spoke first about the amended lease, saying “The public is not crazy about this. They’re not crazy about this to begin with, and … now there’s another reason. We all have businesses. We don’t get this benefit … there’s just no appetite for this.”

Champion asked Coor if he had insurance, to which Coor answered in the affirmative, adding, “(Insurance) didn’t cover all of (the damage), just very specific pieces of it.” Insurance only covers the courses themselves, and the downed trees are not connected to the actual courses.

Tammy J. Heon, Manager of the Tourism Development Council (TDC) showed the board before-and-after slides of hurricane damage. “They’ve moved forward with getting it cleaned up, and trying to get back on track to get it opened. They’re not asking for anything to be a gift, just an extension, for which they will pay the additional interest in an effort to help them overcome this hurdle.”

Commissioner Champion moved to deny the motion to amend the lease agreement, which was seconded by Commissioner John Allocco. Allocco added, “I do want you to be successful, and I hope you can get this up and running really fast.” Champion also wished Coor success in his business. The motion carried 5-0.