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July 18, 2017 - 09:46

An arrest is not a conviction

Drugs were in her Pocket She Stated the Pants did not belong to her


YOB: 1982




Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 07062017, at 0239 hours, affiant observed a white four-door Chevrolet Impala bearing FL tag 997MUC exit the Motel 6, located at 6172 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, Hernando County, which the vehicle failed to come to a complete stop at the designated stop sign. Upon conducting a traffic stop, affiant observed the defendant to be the rear passenger side passenger. While making contact affiant observed the defendant to have her hands inside her pants in the area of her groin. The defendant was then asked to exit the vehicle where she had removed a small, brown container containing a clear, crystal-like substance from the front pocket of the pants she was wearing and stated the pants did not belong to her. The clear, crystal-like substance was field tested using Narco Test 923, which revealed blue in color, showing positive presence of methamphetamine. This was later weighed on Ohaus certified scale 23392 showing 7.9 grams.

A blue Superman backpack was found next to where the defendant was sitting in the vehicle. The defendant admitted she stole the backpack from an unknown person at Motel 6. Upon opening the backpack, there was a brown wallet, which contained one (1) medium size plastic bag, which contained numerous small plastic bags. Also located inside was a small, clear-like crystal substance located in one of the small plastic bags. Field presumptive Narco Test 923 was used to test this substance, which revealed blue in color, showing positive presence of methamphetamine. Using Ohaus certified scale 23392 revealed total weight of 1.8 grams. Also located inside were four (4) circular pills with M8 imprinted on them, which pill identifier indicated them to be hydromorphone schedule II prescription only. Further examination inside the wallet I observed in a clear, cigarette package to contain seven (7) circular, white pills which had MC15 imprinted on them, which pill identifier indicated them to be clonazepam schedule IV prescription only. The final small, plastic bag located inside this wallet contained eleven (11) blue, round pills, which pill identifier identified as diazepam schedule IV prescription only.

Located inside the large backpack was a clear, glass smoking device with a white residue inside, which field presumptive Narco Test 7623 was used, which revealed blue in color showing positive presence of methamphetamine.

The defendant was then placed into custody and transported to the Hernando County Detention Center, without incident.

The defendant was given a court date of 08082017, at 0900 hours in Courtroom D.

The defendant is being held on a total bond of $9,000."

Superman Arrested for Selling Drugs


YOB: 1989




Arrested on 7/6/2017 23:04 1215 GATEWOOD AVE, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 07/06/2017, contact was made with the defendant in the front yard to the residence of 1215 Gatewood Avenue where he was taken into custody on the above listed charges. Incident to his arrest, he was wearing a grey zippered pouch around his waistband. Inside of the pouch he was wearing located a clear plastic container, which contained a large amount of a white crystal substance.

I also located a small plastic baggie inside of the pouch, which contained a cloudy white powder substance. Also located in the pouch the defendant was wearing were a digital scale and several unused syringes. While handling the plastic baggie containing the white powder, the defendant made a spontaneous utterance “be careful with that." The defendant also advised he believed the baggie to contain "Fentanyl." The crystal substance field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

The defendant was positively identified on scene as George K Susick. His date of birth and social security number were confirmed. His previous jail booking photos were also compared and matched his description. The defendant was then transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident.

Once at the jail, the plastic container with the clear crystals was weighed on an OHAUS C305-P Scale Serial #23392. The plastic container and its contents had an exact weight of 28.00 grams. The baggie containing the cloudy white powder had a total weight of 0.4 grams. The powder was re-tested at the jail using Narco Test 7602 and again tested positive for the presence of Fentanyl.

The defendant was charged with Trafficking 28 Grams of Methamphetamine and Possession of Fentanyl. He was held on a $60,000.00 total bond. The defendant was issued a court date of 08/08/2017."

Juvenile Threatens Deputy with Yellow Box Cutter


YOB: 2007


Arrested on 7/8/2017 13:52 1289 WENDY CT, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 07/08/2017 writer responded to 1289 Wendy Ct, Spring Hill, Hernando County, Florida in reference to a suspicious incident call for service. Prior to arrival dispatch advised that two juvenile boys, later identified as Antonio and Jose, were at the Dollar Tree store advising that they ran away from their residence. Upon arrival it was learned that the boys, the defendants, were punished for not cleaning their bedrooms by their mother.

The boys became enraged when Deputies would not place them in foster care. Antonio, stated that he had previously "kicked the sh*t" out of a police officer and would harm Deputies if he was to be returned to his mother. When asked why Antonio made that comment he stated that he would kick Deputies in the crotch area, "balls", and punch Deputies in the face, as he began hitting his open hand with a closed fist. Antonio stated that he was not afraid to fight Deputies as he has previously "jumped cops" in the past.

Jose, the defendant and brother to Antonio, then removed a yellow box cutter razor knife from a nearby table, and proceeded to open it and point it at Deputies which caused a well-founded fear of being injured to the Deputies. Jose was in close proximately to Deputies as the room was small.

Jose refused to comply with verbal commands to put the razor down, to which he replied with laughter. The knife was ultimately removed from Jose's hand, at which time Jose was restrained with handcuff's behind his back. Jose stated that if he was to be returned to his mother he would run away and cause "problems" for his mother. Contact was then made with Jose's mother at the scene who was made aware of the situation.

Jose was then placed under arrest and transported to the Hernando County Jail. He was not issued a bond or a court date due to him being a juvenile.

The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) was notified and advised that Jose was to be released to his parents and placed on home detention."

Tazered and Still Managed To Run Away Before Being Apprehended


YOB: 1963


Arrested on 7/8/2017 16:01 9086 GROVE RD, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 07082017 at approximately 1539 hours, Affiant made contact with the defendant in the front yard of his residence located at 9130 Grove Road. During this time, Affiant identified the defendant as having an active Hernando County warrant #2017-MM-2305 for Domestic Battery. Affiant and assisting deputy, Deputy C. Nugent, attempted to place the defendant under arrest with the use of handcuffs after the warrant was confirmed. The defendant actively resisted by pulling away from Affiant as Affiant was physically holding the defendant's arms in order to place him into handcuffs. The defendant was told several times he was under arrest and he ran southbound and jumped a five foot wire fence. The defendant ran southbound through two wooded properties and circled back through the wooded area in an attempt to make entry into his residence. Affiant gave chase on foot throughout the entire time. The defendant circled back to his property, climbing over several five foot fences, to the rear of his residence. The defendant continued to run and continued to the southwest end of his property. At this time, Affiant caught up with the defendant and advised him he would be tazed and to stop and get on the ground.

As the defendant attempted to jump the fence once more, he turned and with his right arm, pushed Affiant backward to give himself space to jump the fence. Affiant deployed a department issued tazer, striking the defendant in the upper back and lower leg as he was in motion over the fence. The defendant rolled and was able to continue to run in a southbound direction which pulled and disconnected the tazer wires. The defendant continued to run southbound through the wooded area where he was taken into custody in front of 9086 Grove Road.

EMS responded to the scene to remove the tazer probes from the defendant and then transported him to Bayfront Health Brooksville to be medically cleared."

"I'm not going to lie, before you got here removed a marijuana plant and took it down the street."


YOB: 1967


Arrested on 7/8/2017 18:24 1010 COBBLESTONE DR, SPRINGHILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 07/08/2017, responded to 1010 Cobblestone Drive in reference to a domestic battery call. Upon arrival, contact was made with complainant Roberto Lamboy, who advised that his stepfather, Nicholas Barrow, had battered him. Roberto stated that on said date he and the defendant were arguing face to face. While arguing Roberto stated that the defendant grabbed his throat with his right hand and proceeded to cut off his airway, not allowing him to breathe. Roberto stated that he immediately pushed the defendant off of him once he realized he couldn't breathe, at which point the defendant again began to grab at him and caused numerous abrasions to his chest. Roberto advised that the defendant had his hand around his throat for approximately three seconds.

Contact was then made with the defendant, who denied battering his son. The defendant did admit to showing his son, but stated that he shoved him due to being shoved first.

While investigating this call, a large trail of dirt was observed in the middle of the scene. Upon asking the defendant about said trail of dirt, he spontaneously stated, "I'm not going to lie, before you got here removed a marijuana plant and took it down the street." then asked the defendant to show me where he took it, at which point he brought me to the area of Cascade Street and Cobblestone Drive. Upon arrival, I did observe there to be a large plant sticking out of a sewage drain. Upon removing the plant, I observed it to have to same consistency as a marijuana plant and to also be approximately 6 feet tall. Said plant also had the root system intact. A sample was collected from the plant and field tested using NARCO test kit 7609, which did reveal a positive presence of marijuana.

The defendant was then taken into custody and transported to the Hernando County Jail. Once at the jail the defendant was given a court date of 08/08/2017 and also held on a no bond status due to this offense being domestic in nature."

Driver License Photo and Boxing Glove Tattoo Exposes False Identity


YOB: 1967



Arrested on 7/7/2017 23:08 7223 COASTAL BLVD, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On July 8, 2017 was dispatched to the Petco located at 7223 Coastal Blvd in Brooksville, Florida in reference to a female who was "passed out" behind the wheel of a black Mercedes Benz SUV in the parking lot.

Upon arrival located the vehicle and found the female later identified as the defendant slumped over and not conscious. Once the defendant was awake and speaking to me she identified herself as Shelly Ann Neal and provided a date of birth of 01-26-1967. The defendant was obviously under the influence of an unknown substance and stated that she takes multiple medications for diabetic seizures that don't "mix well" but she takes them anyway. The defendant was cleared by Hernando County Fire Rescue on scene.

Upon attempting to check the name given for a driver's license, I was unsuccessful in locating any such person. I then conducted a check of the vehicle's tag in DAVID which came back registered to a female by the name of April Hankins, who's suspended driver's license photograph matched the defendant. A check of ACISS also revealed a tattoo on the left upper arm of boxing gloves, which the defendant also has. Once confronted about her identity the defendant maintained that she was not April, at which time a Rapid ID fingerprint scanner was utilized and confirmed the defendant's identity. Once in custody the defendant's Florida identification card was also located inside her purse.

A computer check revealed that the defendant was also on misdemeanor probation. Please see HCSO Case #2017-20749.

The defendant was placed into custody, transported to the Hernando County Jail, and given a court date of 802.2017 and a bond of $500.00, per the bond schedule."

Tried to Dump the Contents of a Six Pack of Soda On the Victim


YOB: 1972


Arrested on 7/9/2017 01:27 8352 MADRID RD, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 07/08/2017, while at the residence of 8352 Madrid Road, a verbal argument took place between the defendant and her husband, John Turner. John had just returned home and was working in the garage of his residence when he was confronted by the defendant, whom had just woken up. During the argument the defendant and John both made her way into the kitchen of the residence, where she proceeded to spray John with the kitchen sink sprayer. The defendant also tried to dump the contents of six packs of unopened bottles of soda on him and the kitchen floor. During this time the defendant scratched John on the left side of his chest with a fingernail from her right hand.

Once the defendant made her way outside the front of the residence, John locked the door to allow the defendant to calm down. The defendant then made her way around to the rear of the residence, where she ripped open a screen leading into the Florida room. The defendant then proceeded to kick-in a sliding glass door leading into the residence, causing cuts to her right leg from the shards of glass, which were treated by EMS.

The defendant tried to clean up the broken glass, water, and soda from the altercation as law enforcement arrived on scene. During the course of the investigation the defendant advised that she had been slammed to the ground, but she had no signs of visible injuries.

The defendant was determined to be the primary aggressor during this domestic battery. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to the Hernando County Detention Center and turned over to detention deputies without incident."

"Here, I have prescriptions for these."


YOB: 1979




Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 07/09/2017, contact was made with the defendant, identified as Erika Harshbarger, at the intersection of Springwood Road and Landover Boulevard, due to receiving a complaint of a female walking in this area appearing to be intoxicated.

Contact was then made with the defendant, who appeared unsteady on her feet. The defendant stated she was lost and was trying to find her friend's house. The defendant was observed to be holding a black drawstring book bag, at which time the defendant was asked if she was in possession of any weapons or contraband which she stated she was not. The defendant was then asked for her identification, which she proceeded to sit on the sidewalk and began to pull contents out of her bag. During this time the defendant pulled out a pair of pants which had a clear plastic container containing pills. This container fell out of the pocket of the pants, at which time I asked the defendant what was in the container. The defendant then handed me the container with the pills and stated, "Here, I have prescriptions for these." I then observed this container to have four yellow capsule pills in it with the markings "SG 180.” I also observed twelve white, oval pills with the markings "IBU 800." An internet search using drugs.com revealed the four yellow pills to be Gabapentin 300mg, which can only be obtained by a prescription. A search of the twelve white pills revealed them to be ibuprofen 800mg. The defendant could not provide a prescription for the pills, at which time she was placed under arrest.

A search incident to arrest revealed a small metal blue cylindrical canister which was located in plain view between the defendant's breasts. This object was removed, at which time it was discovered the canister had a small clear and red baggie with yellow mushrooms on it. This bag also contained a crystal like substance (total weight in bag.5g). A field test of this substance revealed it to be methamphetamine.

The defendant was later transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident. The defendant is being held on a total bond of $5,500.00 per the bond schedule."