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July 31, 2017 - 07:35

An arrest is not a conviction

Defendant Passed out In Car Leads to Meth Arrest

YOB: 1989
Arrested on 07/20/2017 04:11 7395 WABASH TRL, SPRINGHILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 7120717 at approximately 0335 hours while on patrol on Wabash Trail in Spring Hill, FL, i observed a white Suzuki, bearing FL tag 215RHM, parked in the driveway at the residence located at 7395 Wabash Trail. The white Suzuki had the driver’s side door open and could see the defendant’s legs sticking out of the vehicle. The defendant had his back resting against the center console and his head tilted towards the roof of the Vehicle.

A consensual encounter was conducted at which time the defendant was found to be asleep with his eyes open in the vehicle. During my interaction with the defendant observed him to continue to put his hand in and around his right pocket. I asked the defendant if he had anything illegal inside the vehicle or on his person at which time he advised me no. The defendant gave consent to search his vehicle and conduct a pat down and search of his person. At this time located a red plastic bag in the defendant’s right front shorts pocket which contained a crystal like substance.

The crystal like substance field tested positive for methamphetamine and had a total weight of 7.5 grams.

Based on the aforementioned information, probable cause did exist for the arrest of the defendant for Possession of Methamphetamine in violation of Florida Statutes 893.13(6)(a) and 893.03(2)(c); The defendant was transported to the Hernando County Jail without further incident. The defendant was held on a $2,000.00 bond and given a court date of 8/14/17.”

Shoplifting with Meth in His Pocket

Arrested on 07/21/2017 17:28 3101 AERIAL WAY, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “Investigation: I responded to the Target at 3101 Aerial Way, Brooksville, Florida 34601. Contact was made Joe Tria from Loss Prevention. Joe advised that he viewed Andrew Francis on surveillance camera in the video game section of the store. Andrew picked up three games and went to the bedding section of the store. Andrew then removed the three games from their original packaging and placed them on his person, down the front of his pants. Andrew passed all points of sale and attempted to exit the building. Joe made contact with Andrew, advising Andrew that he watched him on video surveillance placing the items on his person. Joe further advised that Andrew was cooperative and went into the Loss Prevention office and waited for law enforcement’s arrival and turned over the items he had placed in his pants. Joe provided a sworn written statement, a video surveillance disc (DVD), and an itemized receipt with the total of the three games.

While in the office with Joe, Andrew made a spontaneous admission stating, “I took the games, it was a stupid thing to do.’ I then searched Andrew for contraband, which yielded negative results. Andrew was then taken into custody. After searching Andrew for contraband, I asked Andrew if had missed any contraband on him. Andrew responded, “No, I have nothing.” Andrew was transported to the Hernando County Detention Center without incident. While in the sally port of the Hernando County Detention Center, Andrew was asked do you have any other illegal items on you, to which Andrew answered, “No I don’t.”

Once inside of the jail, Andrew was pat searched by Sergeant D. Smith, where a small baggie containing a crystal like substance was found lodged in his front left pocket. A presumptive field test was conducted on the contents inside of the baggie, which resulted in a positive result for Methamphetamine.

MB1 0.75 grams of crystal like substance MB2 DVD

Andrew will be charged for with (1) count of introduction of Contraband into a Detention Center, (1) count of Possession of Methamphetamine, and (1) Retail Theft.
Conclusion: Andrew will be charged with the aforementioned charges. Andrew was provided with a court date of 08/14/2017 at 0830 hours in Courtroom E.”

Fired At Officers with Pellet Gun

YOB: 1971
Arrested on 07/21/2017 2003 18562 LAKE LINDSEY RD, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 07/21/2017 while driving on Lake Lindsey Road, I observed the male subject to be standing outside of the residence located at 18562 Lake Lindsey Road. This subject was identified as William Morgan per his photograph in the warrant paper work. Contact was made with this subject who identified himself via name, date of birth and Social Security number, a photograph of the individual further confirmed his identity.

I advised William that he had an active Hernando County warrant (Court case number: 2017-CF-001037) William then became belligerent and would not allow me to detain him at this time. William advised he would comply if allowed him to make a phone call to his mother, at which granted his request and allowed him to grab his cellphone which was placed on the steps at the doorway of his residence. I then observed a large black hunting rifle leaning against the wall by the doorway. I commanded William to make his phone call outside of the residence away from the rifle for officer safety reasons, at which time he threw his cellphone down and attempted to rush back into the residence. William made the statement, “I’m going to take my rifle and shoot you with it.” I then deployed my agency issued TASER in order to prevent him from getting to the rifle, at which time William was able to run inside and slam the door shut in my face barricading himself inside his residence. William then began to make life threats towards me, by shouting, “I am going to shoot you if you don’t get off of my property.” and stated, “You are going to have to kill me because I am going to shoot you if you come any closer to my property.”

I retreated and made my way to my marked patrol vehicle in an attempt of using the vehicle as cover, waited for my backup partner, Deputy R Robinson. Deputy Robinson arrived on scene with an agency issued shield, we then made multiple attempts in reasoning with the subject, attempting to get him to come outside peacefully, which he declined and continued to shout “I am going to shoot you.” Deputy Robinson and were able to get the front door open and get inside of the residence, As we walked into the residence, an audible “BANG” came from the rifle that William was holding, William had fired one round from his rifle which struck the shield Deputy Robinson was holding for cover, however, the round did not penetrate the shield due to the round bouncing off. It was later determined the rifle was a pellet rifle. William had fired one round and then went to reload his rifle by pumping it, Deputy Robinson then deployed his agency issued TASER striking the subject, however, William continued to resist and pulled the probes out his center mass area. William threw the rifle on the floor and ran into his back bedroom where he then attempted to use a large mattress to hide himself. Deputy Robinson and followed William to the aforementioned bedroom and attempted to detain the subject, William continued to resist therefore Deputy Robinson deployed his second TASER cartridge to the subject, however, the strike was unsuccessful. I waited for Deputy Robinson’s TASER cycle to finish and then used my agency issued OC spray to spray William in the eye/face area, at which time William complied and placed his hands behind his back.

William’s warrant was confirmed per Hernando County Teletype Operator 30 (case number 2017-22171). William was transported to the Hernando County Jail where he is being held on a ten thousand dollar Bond per the bond schedule. William will have a mandatory court date of 08/14/2017 at the Hernando County Courthouse in Courtroom E at 0830 hours.”

Taillight Out Leads to Grand Theft Auto Arrest

YOB: 1982
Arrested on 7/22/2017 05:40 13455 COUNTY LINE RD, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 07/22/2017 observed a black GMC Yukon bearing FL tag CUKB63 traveling westbound on County Line Road with a passenger side tail light out in violation of F.S.S 316.221 (1). I then conducted a traffic stop on said vehicle.

I made contact with the driver, who identified himself as the defendant John Thompson, Jr., who advised that this is his girlfriend’s vehicle and that he had just dropped her off in Tampa. A local NCIC/FCIC check on the vehicle revealed the vehicle was listed as stolen by the Tampa Police Department as of 07/18/2017 under case number 2017-374573. It was confirmed through Hernando County Operator 48.

While inventorying said vehicle, seven syringes were located. Also located were two spoons, a string, multiple small white plastic baggies, a metal container with two small white baggies located inside of it, and a glass pipe located on top of the driver side door handle. All of these items were located throughout the vehicle that the defendant was in control of.

Search incident to arrest, two brass knuckles were located inside of the defendant’s front right pants pocket.

The defendant was arrested and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident where he is being held on a total bond of $4,500 with a court date of 08/2217 at 0900 hours”

Steals Bike and Rides It Around In the Parking Lot

YOB: 1972
Arrested on 7/22/2017 16:11 1437 WENDY CT, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 07122201, was dispatched to the Ross Department Store located at 1437 Wendy Court in reference to a male subject, Armando Reynaldo, who walked out of the store and noticed his bicycle was stolen. Upon arrival Armando advised he observed a white male subject, later identified as Anthony Crescenzo, to have not left the area and was riding Armando’s bicycle in the parking lot. Contact was made with the defendant in which he advised he did take the bicycle because he thought it was his bicycle that had been stolen in the past but was unable to elaborate why he assumed it was his. He went on to say he paid an unknown male subject $20.00 for the bicycle. He advised there were no cameras where he paid the subject and it was in an unknown wooded lot with the unknown subject who he couldn’t elaborate any further on.

Armando was able to positively identify the bicycle as being his property from the specific water bottle, mismatching tires, and miscellaneous stickers throughout the bicycle. Armando advised he has owned this bicycle for over three years.

Surveillance video from Ross was observed at 1413 hours the defendant was seen walking directly up to the bicycle, getting on it, and instantly riding it towards the parking lot.

At this time the defendant was taken into custody and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident. The defendant was provided a court date of 08/22/2017 at the Hernando County Courthouse at 9:00 Am in courtroom D. The defendant was held on a $5,000.00 bond due to him having six prior theft convictions from 12/06/1989, 04/04/1995, 12728/2005, 01125/2007, 10/31/2007, 02/28/2008, and 08/06/2009.

During this investigation the defendant was interviewed in reference to another petit theft case (2017-20864) where he was observed on camera, positively identified by deputies and subsequently arrested for.”

“a little bit of marijuana”

YOB: 1992
Arrested on 7/22/2017 18:03 DELTONA BLVD & BAYSIDE CT, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 071222017, a traffic stop was conducted on a 2008 black Nissan Altima, bearing FL tag 6085UI, in reference to the driver not wearing her seatbelt. Said traffic stop was conducted at Deltona Boulevard and Bayside Court. Contact was made with the passenger, later identified as Dominic White via his FL driver’s license. The odor of marijuana was emitting from inside of the vehicle, at which time the driver consented to a search of said vehicle.

Dominic exited the vehicle, at which time I asked him if he had anything illegal in his back pack located on the passenger floorboard, to which he replied that he had “a little bit of marijuana”. A search of the back pack yielded a clear glass mason jar containing a green, leafy like substance. The green leafy substance field tested positive for THC.
Dominic was restrained with handcuffs behind his back and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident. Once at the jail said green, leafy like substance was weighed on a certified scale, totaling to 25.3 grams without packaging.

Dominic is being held on a $3,000.00 bond and provided with a court date of 08/22/2017 at 0900hrs.”

“I don’t have any weapons, but I’m not sure if there are any drugs or not.”

YOB: 1978
Arrested on 7/22/2017 21:21 406 WASHINGTON AVE, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On today’s date while conducting proactive patrol in the area of Broad St and Wilson Blvd, observed a dark colored jeep bearing Florida tag #GTCF11 fail to make a complete stop at a stop sign posted at Hodza Stand Broad St. A traffic stop was conducted in front of 406 Washington Ave and contact was made with the defendant, Christina Edwards, who was operating the vehicle. Upon making contact with the defendant, she appeared to be extremely nervous as she was visibly shaking and breathing heavily. I asked the defendant if there were any weapons or illegal narcotics inside the vehicle, at which time she advised “I don’t have any weapons, but I’m not sure if there are any drugs or not. The defendant provided her driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance at which time I returned to my patrol vehicle to conduct a computer check.

After conducting a computer check of the defendant’s license, I returned to her vehicle and provided her a verbal warning of the traffic violation. I then asked the defendant again if she or the passenger had any drugs in the vehicle. The defendant then advised “I think I just have a pipe in the center console”. The defendant then reached into a green and pink box with the writing “dope” on it and handed me a dark colored smoking pipe.

A search of the vehicle also resulted in several hypodermic needles and empty baggies being located in the center console. The hypodermic needles did not test positive for narcotics.

A field presumptive test using Narco kiti 7623 resulted in the smoking pipe testing positive for methamphetamine.

The defendant was placed into custody and transported to the Hernando County jail. The defendant was given a court date of 8/16/17 and $1,000.00 bond.”

Driver Distracted By Cell Phone Leads to Drug Bust

YOB: 1986
Arrested on 7/22/2017 20:40 APACHE TRL & REDWING DR, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 071222017 a traffic stop was conducted on a gold 1995 Honda Prelude bearing Florida tag due to it swerving and nearly striking numerous stationary objects. Said traffic stop was conducted at the intersection of Redwing Drive and Apache Trail. Upon making contact with the driver, Lisa Ignacio, she acknowledged her driving infraction and stated she was distracted by her cellphone. I then asked Lisa if she had anything illegal in the car, to which she stated “No” and subsequently consented to a search of the car. Lisa and her passenger, Matthew Cupps, the defendant, where then asked to exit the vehicle.

A search of the vehicle did reveal there to be 8 clear baggies with a crystal like substance within in them on the passenger side of the vehicle. Also located within the vehicle were several types pills to include; 1 Hydrocodone Bitartate 325 MG, 7 morphine sulfate 15 MG, and 3 Acetaminophen codeine 300 MG.

A check of Drugs.Com revealed the hydrocodone bitantate and the morphine sulfate to both be schedule 2 controlled substances. Drugs.Com also revealed the Acetaminophen codeine to be classified as a schedule M controlled substance and to be prescription only.

Contact was then made with the defendant, who advised that all the narcotics and paraphernalia were his. The defendant further advised that he did not possess a prescription for any of the found pills.

The defendant was then taken into custody and transported to the Hernando County Jail. Once at the jail the 8 clear baggies where weighed together on a certified scale, which revealed the total weight to be 8.1 grams with the packaging. The defendant was then given a court date of 08/222017 and also held on a bond of $20,500.”