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August 28, 2017 - 09:09

Just a “Crummy Sack of Weed”

YOB: 1978
Arrested on 08/18/2017 02:35 10027 OSCEOLA DR, WEEKI WACHEE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 08-18-2017 I was dispatched to the area of 10037 Osceola Drive, Weeki Wachee, Hernando County, Florida in reference to a suspicious vehicle. Upon my arrival, a black 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix bearing Florida tag IGKK98 was observed sitting near the residence located at 10027 Osceola Drive, partially on the road way with a white male in the driver seat, who was later identified as the defendant, Christopher Manuli.

Upon making contact with the defendant, he appeared to be very nervous and was unable to advise why he was sitting in front of the residence, except that he was waiting for a friend who was inside. The defendant advised that he did not have a valid driver’s license, and he was only sitting in the driver seat in order to listen to music and he was only a passenger of the vehicle.

The defendant was then asked if he would exit the vehicle so that a pat down could be completed to verify he had no weapons on his person, which the defendant stated that he would, at which time he then exited the vehicle. Upon completing a pat down of the defendant’s person, a large bulge was felt under his pants on the center of his waistband which I believed to be a bag of marijuana.

Upon stating to the defendant that I believed him to have a bag of marijuana concealed in his pants, he stated that it was just a “crummy sack of weed”. A cloth glasses case containing a white sock was then removed from the defendant’s waistband, which I discovered the sock to contain a clear plastic zip lock bag which contained a green leafy substance. The sock also contained several small empty clear plastic bags. Further search of the defendant’s person revealed a pack of cigarette rolling papers in his right front pocket.

The green leafy substance was then field tested with NARCO test #7608 which yielded a positive result for marijuana (THC). The substance was later weighed with an agency certified Ohaus scale Model Number C305-P Serial Number 23392 with a weight of 0.9 grams without the bag.

The defendant was placed under arrest and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident. The defendant is being held on $1,000 bond for possession of marijuana and a $1,000 bond for possession of paraphernalia, per the bond schedule.”

Traffic Stop Leads to Multiple Charges

YOB: 1979
Arrested on 08/18/2017 17:35 MINNIE DR & ST IVES BLVD, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “The defendant (Floyd Moore) was observed driving erratically in the area of Minnie Drive at St. Ives Blvd. in Spring Hill, Florida. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was believed to be impaired which was confirmed by field sobriety exercises. A check of the defendant’s license also showed his license to be invalid, showing multiple suspensions since 2010 which the defendant admitted he knew his license was suspended.

Also located in the car were 3.5 pills contained in a cigarette package which were discovered to be Alprazolam. The defendant was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Hernando County Jail where he provided two breath samples which showed his blood alcohol level to be .087 and .092. The defendant was given a court date of 09/11/2017 in courtroom E at 0830 hours. The defendant was given a bond totaling $2,000.”

Naked and Sleeping In Her Bed, Trespassed

YOB: 1965
Arrested on 08/19/2017 00:45 15549 CORTEZ BLVD, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 08/18/2017, I responded to 15549 Cortez Blvd, Lot 71 (Frontier Campground) in reference to a trespass. Upon arrival contact was made with the resident, Tamara Brann. Tamara stated that she returned home from a friend’s house to find the defendant, Adam Scott Gettys, naked and sleeping on her bed. Tamara stated that she and the defendant were friends but that he was not invited to her residence, nor did she want him there and requested for him to be trespassed. At that time the defendant was located sleeping on Tamara’s bed, naked and was subsequently trespassed from the residence and was given a courtesy ride to a nearby gas station. After dropping off the defendant, I reiterated multiple times that he was not to return to the residence which he acknowledged.

Approximately 1 hour after leaving the scene another call was received from the same residence stating the defendant was back at the house knocking on the door. When arriving on scene I located the defendant as he was walking out of the campground entrance and was also met by park security. The security guard, Tamara, and another witness confirmed that they witnessed the defendant on the property “banging” on the door and all three subjects provided sworn statements attesting to that. It should be noted that post Miranda, the defendant advised me that “I just went back there to see if she had my shoes and to talk to her” and that “I don’t know what the big deal is anyways.”

The defendant was then placed into custody and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident and given a court date of 9/13/2017 and a bond of $1,000.00.”

“Home Depot” Bucket with Marijuana at the Bottom

YOB: 1993
Arrested on 08/19/2017 00:33 DELTONA BLVD & CENTURY DR, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 08/19/17, at approximately 0002 hours, while on patrol, affiant observed a silver in color Lexus bearing FL tag GTCF94 traveling north on Deltona Boulevard with inoperable tail lights. Affiant conducted an FCIC/NCIC search of the vehicle’s license plate tag and learned the registered owner did not have a valid license. After learning of such, affiant conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Deltona Boulevard and Century Drive. Upon approaching the vehicle, affiant detected the odor of Marijuana emanating from within the vehicle. Affiant made contact with the driver who identified himself as Y’shua Peguero by his driver’s license. Affiant conducted an investigative search of the vehicle based on the odor of Marijuna and located a clear plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance inside the center console of the vehicle. After presenting the defendant with the findings, the defendant spontaneously stated “Oh yeah that’s mine”. Additionally, affiant located another clear plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance in a black backpack inside the trunk of the vehicle, as well as multiple clear plastic baggies stored inside an orange “Home Depot” bucket with a green leafy substance at the bottom of the bucket. Affiant also located a digital scale, a plastic storage container, and a metal compounding weight.

Affiant conducted a field narcotics test of the green leafy substances which showed a positive indication for the presence of THC. Post-Miranda, Y’Shua Peguero admitted to being in actual control or possession of the marijuana prior to the execution of the traffic stop.

The defendant was taken into custody and transported to the Hernando County Detention Center without incident. He was charged with possession of Marijuana with Intent and Possession of Paraphernalia. He was given a court date of 09/19/17 at 9:00 A.M, and issued a total bond of $3,000.00. Additionally, the defendant was cited with Unknowingly Driving While License Suspended or Revoked.”

Replied that he had Cocaine in his Pants Pocket

YOB: 1992

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 08/18/2017, at 2354 hours, I was conducted a traffic enforcement in the area of Commercial Way within Hernando County when I observed a white Mercury SUV traveling southbound on Commercial Way. After observing the vehicle’s drivers’ side headlight was out and the vehicle’s tag was expired, I conducted a traffic stop in the area of Commercial Way and Spring Hill Drive.

I made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Christopher Gustavo Melara. When speaking with Christopher, I observed him to be nervous. I asked Christopher to step out of the vehicle and asked for consent to search the vehicle for illegal items, at which time he granted me permission to search his vehicle.

While searching the vehicle, I located an unlabeled prescription pill bottle under the drivers seat. Within the bottle were five (5) small baggies, which contained a white powdery substance that appeared to be Cocaine. I then made contact with Christopher and asked if he had anything illegal on his person, to which he replied that he had Cocaine in his pants pocket. I then conducted a search of Christopher’s person and located five (5) more baggies that contained a white powdery substance that appeared to be Cocaine inside of Christopher’s front right pants pocket.

The white powdery substance inside of the baggies field tested positive for Cocaine, and the total weight of the baggies were 7.2 grams.

Christopher was transported to the Hernando County Detention Center where he was charged with Possession of Cocaine with intent to sell or deliver. Bond was set at $10,000.00.”

K-9 Tracks Down Man Fleeing Accident at his Girlfriend’s House

YOB: 1988
Arrested on 08/19/2017 23:53 FORT DADE AVE & BAYPORT ST, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 08/19/2017 during routine patrol in the area of West Fort Dade Ave, I observed a white Mitsubishi Galant bearing Florida tag CNJH99 traveling at a high rated speed through a residential neighborhood. I also observed the vehicle to weave on and off of the road way on Fort Dade Ave. I observed the listed vehicle to then make a fast right hand turn onto Bayport Street, striking a mailbox and damaging the front left bumper of the vehicle. I then observed a black male, mid 20’s, approximately 6 foot with a short brown “afro” hair style, wearing dark basketball shorts and a dark colored shirt, run out of the listed vehicle and flee the scene of the accident and run towards the northeast direction towards Ponce De Leon. I made multiple verbal commands to the black male subject to stop running; however, the black male continued to run and resist my commands. A K-9 track was then conducted which resulted in finding the black male subject at his girlfriend’s house located at 715 Oakdale in front of apartment 39. The listed black male matched the same description of the black male I observed flee the scene of the crash at Bayport Street and Fort Dade Ave; however, it should be noted the black male was no longer wearing his shirt. He was, however, covered in dirt and sand from the wooded lot he traveled from.
The male subject/defendant was identified as Terrance Ford via Florida Identification card. The defendant advised he knew he should not be driving but advised he was scared and ran away when he crashed into the mailbox.

The defendant was arrested for the aforementioned charges and transported to the Hernando County Jail where he is being held on a $6,500 bond per the bond schedule.”

Wife of Business Owner Attacks Store Manager to get Finance Booklet

YOB: 1973
Arrested on 08/20/2017 13:59 10115 HEATHCLIFF ST, SPRING HILL

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 08/20/2017 the defendant entered the Stogies Smoke Shop located at 4596 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606. While inside the business the defendant demanded the finance book for the store. Upon Darliene store manage not allowing her access to the finance booklet, the defendant jumped on Darliene from behind forcing Darliene to the ground. Darliene attempted to stay on her stomach with the booklet underneath her while the defendant was forcing herself on top of her trying to pick her up. The defendant then put her arm around Darliene’s neck and forced her from her stomach to her back. When Darliene was on her back the defendant continued to grab her arms and attempt to pry her hands free of the booklet. The defendant then took the booklet from Darliene’s possession and left the business. Darliene had slight redness near her neck and several fresh lacerations on the back of her left arm.

This was captured by the businesses’ video surveillance camera’s which showed the defendant’s above mentioned actions. It should be noted that the defendant is married to the business owner and was allowed to be inside of the business.

Upon speaking with the defendant she informed me that she was going through a divorce and she needed record of the finance booklet for court. The defendant then stated when Darliene would not provide her with the booklet; she got angry and took the booklet from her possession. The defendant advised she did attempt to pick Darliene up from the floor when she was lying on top of the booklet. The defendant then stated after she was able to get Darliene onto her back she took the booklet and left the business.

The defendant was then placed into custody and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident. The defendant was provided a court date of 09/13/2017 at 0900 hours in courtroom B. The defendant was placed on a $1,000.00 bond per the bond schedule.”

Man Arrested with 3 Crack Rocks in His Hat

YOB: 1957
Arrested on 08/16/2017 23:16 DR M L KING JR BLVD & LEONARD ST, BROOKSVILLE

Arrest Summary Excerpt: “On 08/16/17 a traffic stop was conducted at the intersection of Dr. M L King Jr. Boulevard and Leonard Street, Brooksville, Florida on a bicycle without a mounted light at night. Contact was then made with the operator of the bicycle, who identified himself as Bruce Woods, the defendant.

The defendant was advised of the reason for the stop and he explained that he was riding to his residence. The defendant was then asked if he would consent to a search, to which he declined. The defendant was wearing a hat that had a slight bulge. When asked what was under his hat, the defendant willingly removed it and stated that it was his “purse”.

The defendant was then asked if he had anything within the small pink in color coin holder, to which he denied anything being within but freely opened it to show deputies.

When the defendant opened his “purse” I observed him drop two white colored rocks like substances. The defendant also attempted to conceal the third in his hand.

When the defendant was asked what it was that he dropped and what it was that he had in his hand, he advised it was nothing. The defendant was detained until deputies found what was dropped.

In the immediate area where the defendant was standing I was able to locate the three rock like substances. The rock like substances were tested via my agency issued Narco test kit and tested positive for cocaine.

The defendant was then transported to the Hernando County Detention Center without incident. The defendant was given a felony court date of 9/11/2017 at 0830 hours in Courtroom E.

At the jail, the rock substance was weighed via my agency issued Ohaus scale serial number 23392 model number C305-P for a total weight of 0.1 grams.”