Never too young to start your own business

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Never too young to start your own business

February 23, 2017 - 14:24
Madison Harrison, photo by Andrea Harrison

by Madison Harrison, 10 year old entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Madison! I am so excited to write for the Hernando Sun. This is a big opportunity and I am very grateful for it. I hope you will find value in what I share.

I started taking photos when I was 3 years old. I started my photography business when I was 7 years old. I love taking pictures of little girls and their dolls, but I also enjoy photographing nature, weddings, events and even celebrities such as John Legend, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. Some people thought I was too young to start a business, but it didn’t stop me. I figured, “why wait?”

I remember when my mom started her business it made me want to start a business too. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but after watching my mom’s friend, Mrs. Wendy McGinnis, take photos of my grandmother in her photography studio, I thought, that’s it! I’ll start a photography business.

Seeing the reaction on my grandmother’s face when she saw the photos that Mrs. Wendy took, it inspired me to pursue photography as a business. I wanted to photograph little girls and their dolls. I wanted them to look at their pictures the same way my grandmother looked at hers. I wanted them to have photos with their dolls to cherish forever.

I want to share with you ten helpful steps to becoming an entrepreneur. Today I will share the first five.

First Step: Find what you are passionate about or find something that you like to do and do it.

I found out that I liked photography and that’s what I pursued and I am happy that I did!

Second Step: Turn your passion into a business so you can serve people and make money doing what you love. When I realized at seven years old that I really loved photography and I loved how people reacted to seeing themselves in the photos I took, I realized that it was the right time to start my business.

Third Step: Start a social media account and make it look professional. Check out my social media accounts to see what I mean Facebook and Instagram: Photos With Madison. As a photographer, it was important for me to showcase my work so that anyone who was thinking about hiring me could see my photos.

Fourth Step: Find partners to help and support you and your business. For example, my mom and my dad are my biggest supporters and encouragers. Whenever I come up with ideas for photoshoots, or my next big dream, my parents always help me to make it happen. I found out that you can’t do everything by yourself, especially when you are ten.

Fifth Step: Do your first event but don’t charge money yet. Since people don’t know you or what your product or service is yet, you may not have a big turnout.

When I was first starting out, my mother said not to charge for my first photoshoot; so, I asked Mrs. Wendy if I could rent her studio for $2 an hour for 3 hours. I was so happy when she said yes.

I made a flyer and we advertised on Facebook. About 12 little girls came to my first photo shoot with their dolls. That was the exposure I needed to get my business going.

Becoming an entrepreneur may seem intimidating at first, so breaking it down into smaller manageable steps makes it easier.

I hope you learned something from these first five steps. Stay tuned for my next article when I reveal the last five steps.

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