Is your smart phone invading your privacy?

September 09, 2016 - 09:02

Rocco Maglio is a Certified Internet Security Systems Professional. He has over 20 years of experience in software engineering.

Smartphones do so many things for us, that many people are lost without them. They provide an assortment of tools: phone, contact book, day planner, calculator, instant messenger, and more. You can answer many questions by simply googling for the answer. You no longer have to spend wakeless nights trying to remember who was that actor in that movie.

Business Briefs Friday Sept 9, 2016

September 09, 2016 - 08:52

Business To Business Networking:

Join the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce Networking Group to connect with businesses in Hernando County.
What better way to start the work week off than with other businesses in your community! This networking event is open to members and to non-members. This event will take place at the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce, 15588 Aviation Loop Drive, Brooksville.

Liability: car rental accidents

September 09, 2016 - 08:42

An estimated 100 million tourists and vacationers will visit Florida this year, and a large portion of them will rent a car to get around town. In fact, Orlando International Airport is the largest car rental hub in the entire world. Inherent with this large amount of rental car drivers is rental car accidents. Unlike auto accidents involving drivers of personal vehicles, the law becomes more complex when rental cars are involved.

The sweet smell of hay

September 09, 2016 - 08:21
Joshua Lopez, an operations supervisor at Wagon Wheel Feed, explains the many different varieties of hay and their nutritional qualities.  Photos by Sue Quigley

It began with a dream. A dream that came true when Terry and Donna Sanders moved to Hernando County in 1990.

“Our dream was to open a family-run feed store that would always work to keep prices low and that dream has been accomplished,” said Donna Sanders.

The couple called their store Wagon Wheel Feed. It opened in 1991 and has been in continuous business to this day. “We started out over on U.S. 41 but then we moved to the little pink house on Cortez Boulevard,” said Patty Eden, the couple’s daughter.

Is using public WiFi dangerous?

September 07, 2016 - 20:41

Rocco Maglio is a Certified Internet Security Systems Professional (CISSP). He has over 20 years of experience in software engineering.

It is often said that using public wifi is dangerous. There have been numerous warnings about using coffee shop WIFI, airport WIFI, or other freely available WIFIs. At the Olympics in Rio there were many reports of bogus WIFI networks popping up around the city.

Fashioning a new, cool shopping experience

September 07, 2016 - 20:28

Towne Square Mall is reinventing itself under new leadership.

Rich Sanvenero Sr. (right) the new public relations and development officer for Towne Square Mall, with Miss Nancy of Antiques & Accents.

If the allure of a deal, bargain, bric-a-brac, vintage or collectable excites you, or if the old ticker beats faster looking for that special, one-of-a-kind item, it’s time to explore the Towne Square Mall in Spring Hill.

Located on US19 at 3021 Commercial Way, Towne Square Mall is a 60,000 sq. ft. space that’s home to numerous vendors ranging from computer repair to exotic birds to valuable antiques and repurposed furniture.

Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

September 02, 2016 - 19:54
Twistee Treat, opening soon on US19 in Spring Hill

It used to be that there were intriguing buildings on the side of the road everywhere you looked. There were orange shaped juice stands and dinosaur shaped gas stations. Roadside attractions are slowly fading away, but the ice cream cone shaped soft serve stand, Twistee Treat, is building new roadside attractions, continuing the tradition.

Steak Boss: quality food from fish tacos to Philly cheesesteak

September 02, 2016 - 19:45
Steak Boss in Brooksville

Steak Boss carries Philadelphia and California fare. They are located in a small distinctive red and black building on Highway 50 near Winter Street. It can be accessed from State Road 50 heading east or from Wiscon Road if you are heading west.
They opened about 4 years ago.

Business Briefs Sept. 2, 2016

September 01, 2016 - 17:13

Multi-Chamber “After Hours Mixer”

Join the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce, West Pasco Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Pasco Chamber for their September After Hours Mixer, sponsored by the Brookdale Senior Living on Thursday, Sept. 8 at 5:30 pm. Meet local business professionals and learn more about the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce.

Brookdale Senior Living is located at 10440 Palmgren Lane, Spring Hill. There is no cost to attend. Please RSVP online at