Conquer Fear

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Thu, 12/08/2016 - 3:33pm

Conquer Fear

December 08, 2016 - 15:33

Today’s topic is FEAR. Fear is something we all have. It’s so common that not a day goes by without it affecting our lives. Unfortunately fear has the power to paralyze us. I once heard a motivational speaker explaining FEAR as “False Expectations Appearing Real.” How true is that? Think of all the fears you have- aren’t they truly just expectations of the worst case scenarios coming to life? We create these scenarios in our minds, these things we expect to happen and most of the time they are unfounded. The large majority of your worst fears are not going to come true, but the expectation of it happening causes us to freeze in our tracks and not go for what we want. Oftentimes we sit there and think about our fear which turns into worry and anxiety. We don’t act on certain things that we want to do. We let opportunities pass us by. Why? Because we are so scared of the possibility of our fears coming true.

Well I say let’s change the meaning of fear. Fear can also mean “Face Everything And Rise.” When you think about your goals and everything you want to achieve in life, just face it. Don’t freeze or run away. Face everything that’s against you and rise above it to conquer it. Even if you do fail, you will have conquered that particular fear and it no longer has power over you.

People often describe me as brave, fearless, or courageous… honestly I’m none of these things. I have tons of fears and they do paralyze me from time to time. The difference though is that eventually I look my fear in the eye and conquer it. Sometimes I fail miserably, but sometimes I succeed and great things come of it.

Something that helps me is to briefly picture the worst case scenario- try not to dwell on it, but at least acknowledge that it’s a possibility. Once I have acknowledged it, I realize how unlikely that possibility is. Next I like to visualize the best case scenario. What is the best possible outcome of the situation? That’s the part I like to dwell on. Visualize that part in detail. Imagine how good it will feel to achieve that goal and conquer that fear. The feelings of accomplishment, pride, happiness, security… all those warm fuzzy feelings that you will have once you face your fear- focus on those and it will help to drive you when you are scared. Always go for your dreams. It doesn’t matter if people think you are crazy, you have a dream and only you have to deal with the results of going for it or letting it pass you by. Don’t let the False Expectations Appearing Real paralyze you. Instead, think positive and Face Everything and Rise!